Wax Paper Halloween Bride


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I will never forget Halloween 16 years ago.  We brought home our first born baby girl from the hospital!  It was a gorgeous Fall day and I remember taking note that the “burning bush” in our front yard was at it’s peak and glowed with deep red fire colored leaves.  This weekend our first born turns sweet 16 and our burning bush that we planted in honor of Daphne is now at it’s peak, just like it was that day.  It’s beautiful, just like Daphne.

So…as our little Daphne passed her toddler years and got over the fear of monsters, she began to enjoy when Mama would decorate the house with Halloween decor for her birthday party.  I remember one year I had the little kiddos decorate pumpkins with glitter.  What was I thinking?

Today…things are a little bit different.  Daphne invites all of her friends over and we have a huge costume Halloween party complete with the famous “Haunted Hall Tour” in our basement.  We decorate the scary hall with Halloween decor and then we fill it with fog, and my husband bangs on the walls as the kids take the tour.  It’s one of our favorite nights of the year.  So, this year, since I am part of the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun Team, I’m happy to introduce you to the newest addition to the “Haunted Hall”…

“Autumn” the Wax Paper Halloween Bride.

Wax Paper Bride

No worries now!  Autumn is very sweet, and happy.  After all, she’s getting married to her long lost BFF Frank!

Okay, in all honesty, Autumn was created by chance.  I was actually trying to make a ghost out of wax paper, but the wax paper shape began to look like a wedding dress.  How cool!  I quickly new this needed to be a bride.

They always say, a bride should be natural looking.  Autumn is so natural, she doesn’t even need make-up, lol.

Wax Paper Bride Tutorial

Autumn’s dress seemed to come alive when I hung her outside…the swans came around too.

Halloween Bride

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I’ll let you know how the wedding goes.  The last I heard…Frank was running late.

If you would like to make your own “Wax Paper Halloween Bride”, this is what you will need, and how you can do it:


1 FloraCraft® Foam Head

-1 box 75 sq.ft. wax paper

-1 wire hanger

-leaf garland (dollar store)

-black ribbon (or any color)

-faux flower such as a sunflower, or daisy

-silver or gold tacks


-Design It:® Simple Style® LED Light Strand (optional)


Pull out pieces of wax paper that are twice as long as you want your witch to be.  My witch is over 6ft. tall, so I pulled out 12 ft. pieces of wax paper and then scrunched them up into balls, and unfolded them to create the wrinkles and lines in the paper dress.  3-4 pieces this long should do it.

You will also need 1 shorter piece for the veil, approx. 4 ft. long.  Scrunch and unfold this one too.

Halloween Bride {easy}

Straighten the top of the hanger with pliers or your hand.

Punch the long wax paper strips onto the wire so you have equal amounts of wax paper dress on each side.  You will be surprised how easy this is.  Make sure one of the strips hangs over her shoulders sideways like in the photo.  Hang the headless witch on a nail so you can work on the rest.

Gather some of the long strips where the you want her waste to be, and tie a black ribbon to hold in place.  I stapled mine because the ribbon was very wide.

Wrap the flower stem around the ribbon so the flower shows her waste off.

Wax Bride

To add the 1 FloraCraft® Foam Head, just push it onto the wire.

Add the veil with tacks, and glue if needed.

Add tacks for her eye balls (you can always do make-up too).

Drape leaf garland around her.

Add Design It:® Simple Style® LED Light Strand to her veil/head or drape it with the garland.

Wax Paper Halloween Bride Tutorial

Mini Led Lights

Spooky Bride

Hey, Frank.  Stop messing with Sylvia.  Your bride is waiting downstairs.


Wax Paper Bride

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7 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy 16th birthday, Daphne! What a fun time for a birthday, and I hope the party is a blast. The ghost bride is a creepy fun addition to the Haunted Hall. Thank you!

  2. carol bittner says:

    Love your bride ‘Autumn’; how clever!!! Happy birthday to Daphne on Friday.

  3. Bessie says:

    Love all of it . But how did you get Kitty to set so pretty while you took the picture ?

  4. Bessie says:

    Love all of it .. But am wondering ,how did you get Kitty to set so pretty while you took the picture ?

    • Julie says:

      Hi Bessie, Sylvia likes when I get the camera and decorations out. It’s crazy, but true!! She’s in a ton of my photos, lol.

  5. Ivory says:

    So cute, I love it! You are so creative. I think the little trick or treaters we get would love having a serving dish like Flora and her purple hair. I will be stealing this idea to.

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