75+ Mom’s Comfort Food Recipes


It never fails.

This time of year packs on the pounds puts me in the mood for comfort foods.  I crave things like soups, stews, and anything with gravy.  Then there’s the pies, and cookies.  It starts off with apple pie in October, pecan cranberry pie in November, and finishes off with my Mom & Dad’s Apricot pockets, and sister’s fudge in December.

Just blame it all on the cold weather.  If you live in the South, blame it on me, that’s okay.

Below you’ll find these recipes and many many more wonderful home cooked dishes and desserts The All Things Creative Team put together for you.  Sift through and find your favorites, print them out, and come back for more.


Over 75 of Mom's Comforting Food at Your Finger Tips

Best Comfort Food on the Planet

All Thing Creative Updated Full Collage Graphic

Domestically Speaking

A Little Claireification


The DIY Village

Creative Cain Cabin

The Happier Homemaker

Redhead Can Decorate

On Sutton Place

Cottage at the Crossroads

Tried & True

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