Daffodil Topiary Centerpiece


I was in 5th grade and his name was Paul.  He was my first crush, or second, or third.  I forget.  He was a great kid, very smart, athletic, and a redhead!

I had taken the school bus home to my BFF’s house.  Ironically enough, his BFF lived on the same street and was doing the same, and got off at the same bus stop as we did.  I think I remember walking down the street and feeling really shy and awkward.  He knew I liked him, and I was pretty sure he liked me back.

Later that day, my friend and I were playing outside.  Now, this is the part that gets fuzzy, so forgive me Paul if you happen to read this by one chance in 507,789 billion trillion.  He had is friend bring me a Daffodil!  There is a slight chance it was actually him that gave to to me, but I think I recall him being too shy as well.  I think I blacked it out because I was so shocked!

Either way…it was my first flower from a boy, and it meant the world to me.  We “dated” a little going into 6th grade, but eventually we just remained friends.  I wonder where he is now.  I bet he has a nice family and is happy.  I pray for that.

So…now you know why I love Daffodils.
Daffodil Decor


I promise this is my LAST foam ball excursion.  Or is it?  They are just so easy to work with.  So many ways to use them in all sorts of creative crafts.

Introducing my “Daffodil Topiary Centerpiece”…
Daffodil Centerpiece from Foam Ball

I’m telling ya, I could make these centerpieces all day.  They are really fun to make because they are so incredibly easy.  This would make a perfect craft for kiddos, and it would really make a perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift.

I used dollar store Daffodils.  However, think of the possibilities.  Any flower would work, or any combination.


Daffodil Topiary Tutorial

How I did it:

Head to the dollar store and choose your flower.  They also have cute pots to choose from there.

Then head to Michael’s or JoAnn’s to purchase the foam balls.  I used a 4 inch FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Ball for the top and I used a 3 inch FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Ball for the base.

For the stick I used a shish kabob wood stick, however a stick from your tree would be cute, too.  To be honest, I meant to paint mine green, but got so excited about the finished head that I forgot.

I had Spanish moss on hand to cover the bottom foam ball after I glued the ball to the bottom of the pot with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® StyroGlue®.

To assemble, while I waited for the ball to dry, I cut off the stems with wire cutters and left about 2 inches to stick into the 4 inch foam ball.  The best part was that they didn’t require any glue.  I stuck them in, in rows working my way around.  To finish it off, I stuck it into the bottom foam ball,made sure it was standing centered, and added the Spanish moss, and the butterfly.

*Tip: I found my butterfly at Michael’s but I recently saw them at the dollar store, too.


Daffodil Topiary Centerpiece Tutorial

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Daffodil Topiary Tutorial

From Mother's Day, to the Fourth of July, to a wedding...these foam ball crafts are so easy and affordable.  Full tutorials included.

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8 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    I love sunny daffodils, too — they’re so pretty after a looong winter. Such a cute story, and a very cute topiary, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Leslee rau says:

    It never seizes to amaze me how prolifically talented and artistic you are !

  3. Edith Weldon says:

    How many daffodils did you buy for this gorgeous daffodil topiary?

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Oh Edith…I’m so sorry I didn’t count them. Bring your foam with you to the store and hopefully that will help you decide! ~ Julie

  4. Betty White says:

    That is so cute and I like the painted pot too.

  5. Ivory says:

    ahhhh! nothing like middle/jr. high school crushes/love. I love your cute story, thanks for sharing it. thanks for showing how to create this lovely daffdilo topiary, fabulous .

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