Road Salt Easter Eggs


Ahhhh…the first day of Spring.  Happy Spring to you!

Perfect timing, too.

I’ve been sitting on these “Road Salt Eggs” for weeks.  Well, not literally, but I couldn’t wait to share these pretty gals with you.  I am so happy I followed that truck!!!

Let me explain..


How to make beautiful Easter eggs w. blue road salt.

I think you all know by now that we live in Michigan.  We get a ton of snow and we see a lot of snow plow trucks.  If you live in a warmer climate you may not have seen one in person before?  Well, they basically look like big orange garbage trucks, and they have a big plow on the front.  Then in the back, instead of garbage, they have a large bin of “road salt”.  When it’s not snowing (or when it is snowing), these trucks drive around town and spread salt on the roads so the ice and snow melt on contact.  I remember as a little girl running to the window at night when the the big flashing lights would go by.  It was the plow trucks, preparing our roads for the morning commute.

So, a couple months ago on my way to pick up our girls from school, I ended up behind one of these trucks. While back there, I noticed they were using this pretty blue salt.

My goodness…it wasn’t pretty, it was absolutely stunningly GORGEOUS.  It looked like little sea glass pebbles, or quartz, or something right out of the deep blue ocean.  I fell in love with it.

Robin Eggs made from plastic eggs and ROAD SALT!

That’s when the inspiration struck.  What can I make with it?  What holiday is coming up?  Is it safe to use?  Will it melt if it touches glue?  Could I make gorgeous beautiful blue road salt eggs with it?

When I got home, I researched “blue road salt”.  I was pleasantly surprised that the stuff is environmentally safe, and non toxic.  I asked Rick to pick up a bag (it’s fairly inexpensive) from the hardware store and I tested it with glue on a plastic egg.  Lucky for me, it didn’t melt, and it stuck to the egg really well.

Pretty Easter Eggs

Blue Road Salt

Just look at that color!

How to make Easter Eggs look like blue quartz or sea glass!

To make these “Road Salt Eggs”, all I needed (besides the blue salt) was some powerful glue that dries clear, and plastic eggs (I used blue & green).  I used the tip of the glue bottle to spread glue over 1/2 of the egg at a time.  Then applied the salt by sprinkling it on and pressing down on it occasionally.  I let each 1/2 dry before I did the other 1/2.  A little bit falls off, but the majority stays on. (I also tried white road salt  and that was pretty too.)

*Do not let children or pets lick or taste the salt, and wash hands after each use.

Sea Glass Easter Eggs

While I was photographing the eggs, the swans, geese, and ducks in our lake all gathered around to watch.  I wonder where their eggs are?  Or if they have hatched yet?  Guess we will know, soon!

How to make salt Easter Eggs


How to make beautiful Easter eggs w. blue road salt.

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    You are a genius…..very creative idea !!!!! Love your home!

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