Pumpkin Swag


Do you have swag?

Do you know what having “swag” means?

There’s certainly no doubt that this pumpkin has it.

Introducing the pumpkin with “Pumpkin Swag”.

Easy Pumpkin Decor

 I looked up “swag” and I got an eye full.

Trust me, don’t look it up.

You’ll see a bunch a bad words and that is not what this pumpkin is about.

This pumpkin is about 2 things.

1. Confidence.

2. Finding an alternative to carving the pumpkin.

Lets start with the #1.

Every day, I pick up our girls from school.  On the way out of the school parking lot, we usually come across a high school boy who wears a really cool rainbow hat.  He walks home and has a certain amount of “swag” about him.  While all the other kids are passing by in their beat up trucks, or snazzy Mom sports cars, he walks with his head held high and has this amazing presence and “confidence” in his walk.  I pointed him out to the girls last year and we look for him every day.  We call him “Rainbow Dude” because of his colorful rainbow hat.  We like it.  We like him.  I told the girls, now that kid has “swag”.  They agreed and we discussed how even though he may be a bit different than most of the kids…even though some of the kids may possibly make fun of his hat…even though he may not have the $ for a fancy car…or friends to drive him home…


That is what swag means to me, us.

Someone who can be who they want to be with out worrying what others will think of them.

Having the confidence to stand out and be yourself.

Not following the crowd, and being a leader.

Now, do I know that this boy is a leader?  No.

What I do know, is that my girls learned from our “Rainbow Dude” discussion.

Pumpking Swag

So, do you have swag?

On to #2.

Don’t get me wrong…I love carving pumpkins, but it is a pain, right?

So, if you have arthritis, or just don’t feel like going through the entire scooping process.

Try this!


Easy Pumkin Decorating (instead of the messy kind) #pumkin #Halloween

It’s very simple.

Using a permanent marker, draw your words, or phrase.

You could do anything…

Some ideas I had: Boo!, Happy Halloween, Look Behind You, Got Candy? etc.

You could do a face or a spider web as well.

No matter what you decide, all you need is yarn, hammer, and small nails.

Just gently hammer your nails in and once it’s complete follow the path with the yarn going over it a couple times.

Secure with tying it in a knot, and cutting the excess off.

So easy and cute.

Now go find your SWAG!

Rainbow Pumpkin

By the way…

you can find the lucky winner to the $250.00 gift card to CorningWare & Corelle giveaway at the bottom of the post here.

I still don’t know if my table was chosen to be displayed in their stores.

Fingers crossed.

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