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I grew up celebrating a traditional Halloween in a suburb outside Buffalo, NY.

It was usually complete with a homemade costume, cool weather, and a white pillowcase to catch the candy.


I remember shuffling through the dried leaves up and down the sidewalks anticipating the tricks or treats.

Even then, I enjoyed looking into peoples homes when they would open the door.

Sounds rather nosey, but I loved looking at the decor.

I guess you could call me a little redheaded peeping Julie.

Best 50 Halloween Ideas Found Here

Here we are centuries later, and I still enjoy Halloween, and I’m still looking in peoples homes, lol.

I hope you enjoy what 10 of us bloggers have put together for you:

“All Things Halloween.”

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  1. Julie, I have great memories of trick-or-treating when I was a kid, too. My parents would drop my friends and I in a neighborhood and we would roam for hours! Those were simpler and safer times! So many ideas here to create our own fun! Pinning!

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