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People say that airports and hospitals are the happiest and saddest places on Earth.

What about mailboxes?

Think about it.

It’s the place we receive love letters from our husband in the service, test results…sometimes good, sometimes not so good, beautiful Christmas cards, get well cards, even thank you cards.  We receive the dreaded gas bill after a blizzard, or a $10 dollar bill from Grandma for our birthday.

How about bad news from our bank, there’s a fun one.

Mailboxes really are important places that most of us ignore.

Not today, my friends.

It’s time to give our mailbox a fabulous makeover.

Maybe you can do the same to your mailbox?

This is what our mailbox looked like when we moved in almost 6 years ago.

Mailbox Before Makeover w:


I loved the white ball on top, and I had a feeling I could find more brick buried under the base.  I knew it had potential.

Four years ago we updated the numbers, and painted it when we painted our house.

Then I added the iron decor I found online.

The wood slowly deteriorated at the base and the nail holes from my Christmas decorations were really taking their toll.

 So, after 6 years of dropping our girls off at the mailbox after school so they could hand the mail to me…

this is what it looked like:

Mailbox Unfinished

Not too bad, but it was time for another makeover before it got worse.

  This is what the mailbox looks like now…

Paint Your Mailbox!
Mailbox Makeover




Mailboc Makeover

All it really needed was a little paint.

We used “Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint”.

Hold it.

Did I say “Front door paint”?

Why yes, I did.

I figured if this paint can keep a front door looking good through all of the weather and wear and tear,

it surely would keep our mailbox looking good.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Paint your mailbox with amazingly durable Modern Masters Paint Let me tell you a few details about Modern Masters Front Door Paint incase you would like to try it:


The fancy inexpensive metal “F” I also found on line and I spray painted it white several times to water proof it.

Then we screwed it in with a screw.

Mailbox Makeover w: Modern Masters Paint

Pretty Mailbox

 We completely recommend trying “Modern Masters Front Door Paint”.

It went on beautifully and is very high quality paint.

 Now, go get the mail and see if it’s time to paint your mailbox.


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15 Responses

  1. Paige.Rose says:

    Super cute & fresh! I love the simple charm & appeal you gave it!!


  2. Sherry says:

    Looks great! Love the little brick patio.

  3. Leslee rau says:

    Love it ! Love it ! Love it! Jealous ! Jealous ! Jealous! 🙂

  4. BethMarohn says:

    Wish we could do up a cute mailbox like this! Unfortunately, we live out in the country & you’d be surprised at the number of times it gets hit by sideview mirrors (we even moved it back 3 ft) & by the snow plows.

  5. Thank you for all your helpful ideas. I’m going to the Dollar Store & get some new lights, then over to Lowe’s to check out the front door paint, and yes, I have a bench that needs more care….like a new paint job…… I better get moving! Called – Getting ready for Fall 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Hi Shirley! Sounds like I just filled up your weekend. Take your time. I used BEHR Ultra in bright white for the door!

  6. Ivory says:

    Excellent job! I to matched te paint on my front door with the mailbox. I love it!!!

  7. ColleenB. says:

    Looks Grrreat. Now you can come and do mine. :}
    We used to have 2 mailboxes at one time. Our regular box for the mail carrier and then we had a mailbox on an 8 foot post to where I wrote ‘Airmail’ on the side of the mailbox of which later down the road we turned into a bird house.

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  9. […] I actually loved that big white finial on top, and looked forward to cleaning, painting, and uncovering the pretty bricks that were buried at the bottom (can you see them?). You can view that first makeover here: Mailbox Makeover 2014. […]

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