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I was going to take a break today since I posted twice this week, but I can’t resist.

First I have a fun announcement.

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So, now on to the show.

You are going to love this, I hope.

A couple weeks ago my sister in laws came to visit and they brought my sister as a surprise.

We had a great time.

When I was preparing the guest room bath I filled their hand soap dispenser.

As I filled it, I thought how nice it would be if I made them a Ball jar hand soap dispenser to take home with them.

BUY SUPPLIES HERE>>>>>>I had the jars, I had the old pumps, and I had the soap.

What do you think?

Ball Jar Hand Soap Dispenser

They loved them.

My Mom came over too, so I whipped her up one too.  They are that easy.

This is a great reason to save those pumps from your store bought soap dispensers.



1 jar (doesn’t have to be Ball, but it does have to have a thin lid)

1 old pump from an old dispenser (if it’s long, cut it with scissors to fit to the bottom of jar)

screw gun or hammer w/ sharp nail or screw

liquid hand soap (I use generic clear antibacterial)

Directions:  To make the hole in the center of the lid, screw the cap on the jar first.  Then screw in a screw slowly (using a drill bit to start your hole will help).  I tried a hammer with a sharp nail and I liked that method better.  Don’t hammer too hard or it will ruin your lid.  After you make a hole, make another hole next to it, and continue until you have a big enough “snug” hole for your pump to fit all the way down.  This can take practice, but it does work.  Be careful of the sharp edges.  After your pump fits in nice and snug, add your soap, and your your finished.

Ball Jar Hand Soap 2

If you enjoyed the hand soap, you may enjoy my “Beer Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser” too.  Just click on it.

dish soap

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40 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    I love these, and especially in the blue jar! I am going to try my hand at this!

  2. It looks fabulous Julie! Thanks for the shout-out!! I love those blue Ball jars…


  3. Hi Julie – I love this party so glad you are now one of the hostess with the most-est! I’ll be sure to link up from your site. Happy weekend! Hugs, Holly

  4. Diane R. says:

    I love these,.,and really like the blue jar. It makes it more special. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Fab idea… I love Anne too, she is so sweet and creative!
    Congrats on the new link party… it looks like it is going to be a great one!!

  6. Kim says:

    How cool! I was thinking I had to buy a dispenser kit or something from a craft store!

  7. Hi Julie! Oh I love this – I have a whole bunch of these blue jars, too! What a great idea to make them as gifts!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Looking forward to joining the party! 🙂 Have a happy Sunday and a fabulous week!

  8. I just saw these mason jars at Michael’s and told hubby I wanted them but didn’t know what to do with them. They are such a pretty color! I love what you did with them, Julie!


  9. Julie this is so cute I love the blue color!

  10. Oh it looks just beautiful in the blue jar – so pretty!

  11. Tiki Lagow says:

    You’re the best! I love this!

  12. debbiedoos says:

    That just looks so purty! I love the color.

  13. Karen Marcou Minor says:

    These are adorable! You know…the blue jars would make really cute pendant lights too!

  14. Paula Smith says:

    We are finally moving from this wretched mobile home into our 150 year old farmhouse. My intent is do do the kitchen in blue and white. this is a wonderful idea and has sparked my creativity! Thank you!

  15. Kelly says:

    Love mason jars — and the hand soap dispenser if fabulous! xo

  16. Ellen says:

    My hubby has a drill bit that makes different sized holes depending on how deep you drill. so guess I’m using that method. but this is great. can’t wait to make me a couple. and some for Christmas gifts.

  17. How awesome is this? It’s fabulous!! And whoa to 5,000 pins!! AWESOME!!

  18. Norma Savitsky says:

    I love the look! Does the jar leak or is it meant to be used upright?

  19. bren says:

    what holds the pump to the lids? thanks

  20. Vague says:

    Ha! I’m so out of it, that I thought that your soap was blue…not the container! Looks like a great DIY problem solver for our bathroom. I’m not really a fan of the one I got for Christmas. Pinning for later!

  21. Meegan says:

    LOVE it! I am loving the bits of blue that are peeking in your home! Thanks for this fabulous idea, Julie xoxoxo PINNED!

  22. These look great and I am obsessed with Mason jars. I was thinking of making the solar light ones too and pendant lights and I bought some of the gallon and half gallon ones to use as canisters too…Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Valery says:

    I would like to make something for my shampoo and body wash. Don’t want to use glass. Any ideas?

  24. Valery says:

    Hope you can come up with a good idea. I can’t. 🙂

  25. Tanya says:

    I need to make one of these! I love it 🙂 Pinning-xo

  26. arcie says:

    Any idea where I might be able to buy the dispenser pumps?

  27. Edith Cherrington says:

    kia ora from new zealand these are so awesome, have decided that this year my xmas gifts were all going to be homemade. Have been wondering what i was going to give my best friends, and now i have found it. These are so beautiful and i thank you heaps for sharing your talent with us all. Many thanks Edith

  28. Linda says:

    Thank you for the great idea and the instructions were very easy to follow. I will be scouring the junk stores for old canning jars and any old glass jar that a canning jar lid will fit on. I also like to paint on my jars, so now they can have a dual purpose.

  29. laura herrera says:

    These despensers are beautiful my daughter gave me a box of blue vintage jars and I think they are the most beautiful shade of blue.I’m making one for my daughters and myself.thanks a lot for the idea. I thought I wasgoing to just sit and admire my box of jars.but now I can admire my soap despenser!!!

  30. Anita says:

    Is there some way too make the jars blue if you can’t find them to buy?

  31. Brenda says:

    I just made my 2nd one today. The lid on the first one, after a few months, started to rust. This time I spray painted the lid with Rustoleum paint hoping to protect the lid from rust. Like the beer bottle idea and plan to try it next 🙂

  32. Yvonne says:

    Great idea, and to make it more decorative one could wrap some burlap around the jar with an initial on it. Soup dispensers can be expensive, and they do rust quickly. Great idea!!

  33. Dianne says:

    What a cute and cheap gift!

  34. […] soap dispenser – Julie over at RedheadCanDecorate has a super simple tutorial on this. She makes it look so easy! Love her […]

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