Niagara on the Lake & Niagara Falls


Holy pancakes!

It’s almost noon.  I’m usually sharing my Friday post on Facebook by now.  How will I ever get these girls of ours off of this Summer schedule when school begins?  We are sleeping in until 10am these days, and not going to bed until midnight.  Bad Mama Julie!

A week ago we were on our way home from vacation.  Ahhhhh….vacation.  I have mixed feelings about “vacation”.  It took me a week to pack, a week to unpack, all the $ spent on eating out, not to mention the weight gain.  Is it really worth it?  Of course it is.  The memories we made make it all worth it.  The work is soon forgotten, but the memories remain.  Here’s how it all went down for redhead’s family vacation…

When searching where to go this year, we chose Niagara on the Lake because it’s close to family in NY, it’s only a 4 hour drive for us, and we have never been there as a family before.  I think I remember going as a kid, but those are very distant memories (ha).  I surely did not remember how absolutely gorgeous Niagara on the Lake is.  From the lush flowers planted by the residents, to the beautiful sunsets on Lake Ontario.  I highly recommend a visit if you get the chance.

We stayed a week, and our cottage was located close enough to town where we could visit all of the shops & restaurants in a flash, but where we were completely secluded from the city goers, and only a 2 minute walk to the beach.  Our cottage had a name too, her name is Periwinkle.  Why, oh why haven’t I named our house?  I need to do that.  It’s actually painted periwinkle.  Hmmm?

Here’s a photo of us right before we took a walk to the beach with my 2 sisters.  They visited our first day and spent the night with us while we swam and had fun making grilled pizza (recipe coming soon).  Check out those shutters people.  So cute.


Niagara 1

Come on in, I’ll show you around Periwinkle.  I love this red door.

Niagara 2

The floors were beautiful.  They creaked too.  I love that about wood floors after they have been worn in.

It means there is history there.

We spent a lot of time in here all cozy wozy watching movies at night.

Niagara 3

Do you cook on vacation?  I do, almost every single night.

There’s nothing more relaxing to me than having some wine and cooking for my family.  This kitchen was very quaint.  I loved the little wood table in the middle.  It was perfect for chit chat.  I also enjoyed the large window where I could see my hubby cooking out on the grill.  He’s pretty cute you know.  There’s just something about being in someone else’s kitchen.  It’s a nice change.

Niagara 4

Out on the deck there were fresh herbs that we were welcome to use.  We used a ton of Basil and Bay leafs.  I need to get a Bay leaf plant pronto.  I bet it would do well inside.  Check out these tomato cages.  I’ve never seen wood ones before.

Niagara 6

Here’s the pool.  The pool was quite a treat because we don’t have one at home.

We invited our best friend’s over from Buffalo and we enjoyed catching up poolside while watching our not so little ones swim.

There’s also a cute pool house in back there.

Niagara 5

After a little swimming, we took another walk down to the water.  I had no idea how beautiful these photos would turn out.

Lake Ontario is gorgeous.

niagara 8

You can see Toronto on the horizon in this next one.

Niagara 7

Lake Ontario 2

Daphne & Val at Lake Ontario

We tried to hide the cocktails. NOT.

Niagara 9

The neighborhood is lined with stunning, well maintained homes.

Niagara 10

Niagara 11

When we traveled into town to check out all of the local shops, we quickly noticed the horse and carriage rides.  Our oldest daughter, Daphne, fought us on this one.  We won.

Niagara 19

Niagara 12

Later in the week we decided to go visit Niagara Falls for the day.

On our way we enjoyed the orchards.

Niagara on the Lake is well known for growing grapes and wineries are located throughout the region.

Made me question why I don’t grow grapes at home in Michigan.  We’re only 4 hours West.  Hmmm?

Sounds like something I should be doing.

Niagara 13

When we arrived in Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canadian side), we parked on Clifton Hill.  Clifton Hill is a hill loaded with shops, museums, restaurants, rides, and other fun tourist attractions.  We had a blast.

Did we go on this monster to over look Niagara Falls?

niagara ferris wheel

Hell no, we ran from it.  Valerie, our youngest, led the way!

Niagara 16

I told my hubby he missed his calling.  Cleaning windows is way more exciting.

We visited Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum…fun stuff.

Niagara 17

Then we got hungry.

Niagara 18

Finally, we hit the main attraction.  No matter how many times I visit Niagara Falls, the beauty always takes my breath away.  This photo is beautiful, but what you’re missing is the sound of the water and the sensation of the mist.  The rush of water over the falls hitting the rocks and water below is an experience I hope you are able to fulfill one day.  It’s loud, it powerful, and you are drawn to it like a magnet.  Your mind wanders and you wonder what it would be like to touch it.  It’s frightening and beautiful in the same breath.

Niagara Falls

Did someone say Christmas card?

Niagara 14

On our way home, we stopped at my favorite shop of all time, Kelly’s Country Store, located on the island I grew up on, Grand Island.  Grand Island is located just South of the Falls in the Niagara River.  I stocked up on homemade chocolate, and sponge candy.

As you can see, we had fun no matter what we were doing.

Niagara 19

Almost forgot!

I picked out a souvenir from Kelly’s Country Store I thought you may enjoy.

Everyone needs one of these.

Do you know what it is?

pickle picker

pickle picker 2

It’s always nice to get home and appreciate what you have.  After all, our floors creak too 🙂

Red turned 44 this week.  Life is good, I feel very blessed.

Thanks for the new comfy chair to blog in Richard!  XO

Julie's 44th

For more information on the Periwinkle Cottage, visit here.

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13 Responses

  1. Dad says:

    Glad you all had a good time, looks great to me, been there a few times, very close to home, Grand Island NY love, Dad

  2. Bliss says:

    You want to name your house and grow grapes. Now I want a pickle, a hershey bar, a pool house and a vacation.

  3. We stayed in NoTL two summers ago–it is my favorite place in North America. My FB page has me standing in out hotel room (top floor, balcony) at the Falls on our way back to my mom’s (she is in Rochester). We grew up spending our summers at my grandmother’s about 30 minutes from the Falls. Now I live in NC, in a house that has a name. (I did not name it. I would have picked a better name.)

  4. That looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to go to Niagara Falls….maybe some day 🙂 Stay up until midnight, try 2am! The older your kids get, the later you stay up!!!

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic vacation! So glad you loved NOTL… It is one of my favourite places to visit.
    As for the pickle picker… I need one!

  6. Glad you had such an amazing trip – on your birthday! What a charming town and house -and of course every gal needs a pickle picker!

  7. Oh Julie – this whole post is full of stunning pictures and family fun.
    And I agree with Bliss. I want another vacation {and chocolate}. I HAVE to find out more about this Periwinkle place. Looks fantastic!!

  8. Meegan says:

    Loved this peek on your vacation!! So beautiful and what a wonderful family! You are a blessed woman.

  9. Just found you! Your trip was well documented, and loved the pics! I have been to Niagara-on-the-Lake many times to visit family, and you captured the spirit perfectly. Looking forward to your earlier posts:)

  10. Sherry says:

    Ah, I’m so glad you had a wonderful family vacation and birthday! You are such a darling, Julie. Our wood floors creak too. 🙂 And now I really, really want to visit Niagara Falls one day. Beautiful photos, btw!

  11. Jen Marrs says:

    What a fun trip lady! I loved this post..and yep- looks like you have your Christmas Card all ready to print! Happy Birthday…looks like it was perfect!

  12. Fabulousness, Julie!! Felt like I was right there with you. And I totally cook on vacation, too…LOVE doing that. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday, too, friend…happy belated!!

  13. Genie says:

    thank you Julie for the photos re Periwinkle Cottage. Glad you had a good time. Hopefully you will come back and see us some time. You have a great family. Genie

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