Valerie Anne

Valerie Anne…
our last born is turning 11 on April 23rd.Happy Birthday Val!

Before I tell you a little bit about our Valerie, I have some major announcements.
Lots going on at!My transfer to WordPress is getting very close.
I am very excited to share the new and improved
A lot of it will be the same, including how I write my posts,
but I think you will enjoy the lay out and design much better than this one.
The process will hopefully be complete by the end of April.
Until then…this coming Thursday I will be sharing a “secret” concerning the new RCD.This leads me to my next announcement.
This Thursday, April 18th, Looksi has invited me to present
my favorite DIY Decorating (for less) projects from around blog land.
I’ve been on the prowl for weeks working hard to make this collection the best that it can be.

With in my collection on Looksi, you will find the “secret” I am referring to.
Let me tell ya, she’s very cute! (hint)
That’s all I can say for now.
Just be sure to try to come visit me on Looksi this Thursday after 2pm ;)Now on to our birthday girl, our little, Val.
Okay, so she’s not so little anymore.
She’ll always be my baby.Here we are right before Valerie was born.
It was Easter, and we took big sister Daphne on an Easter egg hunt.
I’ve always enjoyed this photo because of the “2” on my shirt.
The “2” representing the obvious.
I still have that shirt and can’t seem to give it to Good Will.


Presenting…Valerie Anne!
Daphne instantly fell in love like the rest of us.

Daphne, the muffin.
Valerie, the icing on the muffin.
Thank you God for your gifts.
Healthy children, and the ability to love them with all our might.
We are truly blessed.
There is no greater joy than to love a child and to be loved by a child.

When we brought Valerie home that first day, we took it slow.
We want them both to feel loved equally.
Once Daphne became comfortable with having a new baby sister, she started loading her sleeper up with animals.
 Valerie is a big animal lover.
She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  Now we know why.

Such a beautiful baby.  Big eyes, big cheeks, and a personality that lights up the room.
She reminds us all of my brother who passed away too soon.
She shares his spunk, charm, and wit.



Little girls grow up so fast, where has time gone?
I look at these photos with tears streaming down my face.
She’s only a couple miles down the road, why so sad?
I just wish I could turn back the clock, or at least slow it down.
That’s the lesson we all learn though, isn’t it?
It goes by fast, so cherish it now.

I enjoyed volunteering when they were younger, you can see little Val taking charge here.
“Where’s my chair Mom???”
Those are the things they will remember when they look back.
I was there, Rick was there.  That is so important I believe.

Crazy hair day, with crazy Val’s way.
Always finding fun…
I love that about her.

There’s a serious side too…Valerie is a wiz on the computer.
Loves Mine Craft,
and can spell better than I can.

She wears glasses…
more than one pair actually.
We call her the “Family Finder”.
If something is lost…
she will find it.


She rides her bike a lot, and draws with chalk,
and would probably have a lemonade stand every day including Winter days if I let her.

She loves her dog, Dude, and always greets him in the morning, and after school.
She has about 5,000,000 stuffed animals.

She has a thing for wigs…you should see her redheaded one.

She has lots of friends, a couple best ones, especially her sis…

She studies very hard and we are very proud of her.
(her favorite subject is Social Studies)

We love her dearly, and hope her 11th birthday is a blast.
By the way, the theme is “Mine Craft” and she wants to play truth or dare! (uh oh)




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