Valentine’s Day Swag Wreath

My big post will be out this Friday,
but I wanted to share a really quick tip before you take your wreath down.
I went to take mine down today,
but it was still so beautiful. It seemed like such a waste.My Christmas wreath this year was made with the limbs that
we had to cut off of our fresh tree.
I gathered them at the top with some twine and hung decorations on it.
It’s called a “swag” wreath.You could do this with any wreath though.
Round, square, real, fake…

Just switch it up folks!
Why not?
check this out…

I tied on some valentines my girls made,
and added some other decorations I had.
Same wreath, same bow, same beauty.
Looks like she has another month to live.

Here’s the 2014 version:
Valentine Swag Wreath
Merry Christmas, I mean Happy Valentine’s Day!

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