Clock Makeover

Welcome to 2013 guys!
Those shrimp were so yummy.
I hope you enjoyed your New Year’s like we did.
I danced in our living room along with my girls until 2am.
Crazy Redhead..but boy was it fun.

Have you written 2013 on a check yet?
I did yesterday while paying our hair dresser.
That was strange.

I feel like I haven’t posted in weeks.
I guess that’s because of my new schedule.
I have so much more time to relax with the kids and not rush.
It really is so much better for me.
I’m glad I figured it out.

So plan on meeting me here every Friday afternoon if
you can swing it.

Instead of sharing a 2012 “round-up”,
I decided to jump right in with a new post for ya.
I feel going back and showing you everything you have already seen is a waste of time when all you have to do is visit my “Redhead Can Decorate” page and everything is right there.  There’s also my “Redhead Can Cook” page that will recap everything I have cooked for you as well.

Speaking of time…
Can you find the clock in this picture?

This is our buffet in the kitchen right after we bought the house.
I tried decorating with some cherished family heirlooms,
including that beautiful clock.
You could barely see it though.
It blended right into the wood.
Here’s the buffet now…
so, where’s the clock, Jules?

After we painted, I had a terrible time trying to find an appropriate location for it.
I must have moved that clock 15 times before it finally ended up in the basement.
I gave up.  I was frustrated.

I finally figured out it was the clock,
not my house.

I recently asked my Mom to share the story about this clock, and how it came into the family.  Here’s what she wrote…

Jul, About the clock: We all went to the Niagara Falls Convention
Center for an antique show. I saw this old fashioned mantel clock, it
cost $93. at the time, around 1975. It took me time to study the clock
and finally made up my mind to purchase it. All the children were so
happy to have the clock in our home. Robert [my brother] loved the gold, engraved
pendulum and shined it up so it glistened when the sun shined on it.
Needless to say, it is still in the family and I believe Valerie [my daughter] said
her Mama said she could have it when she grows up. That old clock will
continue to make other children happy when it chimes on the half-hour.
It has been in to the doctor (there is a name for the people who repair
old clocks). I still remember Robert cleaning the clock when it was
cleaning-day at our house. These memories are something we will all
cherish.” ~ Mom

So…as you can see, the clock has special meaning to our family, especially my Mom.  I remember the trip to the antique show, I was 6.  I remember my Mom circling back and forth pondering whether or not to spend the $93 on the clock.
I’m sure glad she did.
When I hear it chime, 
it takes me back to memories I wish I could get back again.
I remember falling asleep as a child while listening to the tick…tock.
I remember winding the clock with the key, and admiring it’s charm.
It’s part of me now, and our girls will inherit it,
and pass it on to their children.

Therefore…I decided it was time [dammit]!

I needed to do something with this clock.
 Time for this clock to receive the “mother of all makeovers”.
Some of you may disagree, and possibly think I ruined it. 
That’s okay, it’s my clock : )
I love it’s new look.
The clock has center stage at our house now, 
next to my Grandfather’s photo, and my Grandmother’s fashion jewelry.
The only person I’m worried about is my Mom.
I pray she likes it.
The first time she will see it, is here, on my blog.

I painted it carefully with a paint that has primer in it.
Then I distressed it slightly bringing out it’s engraved details.
I never noticed the gorgeous lines before.
The design is beautiful.
Another reminder from Red…
don’t waste time.
Live each day as if it’s your last.
If you want to paint something,
paint it.


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