Lessons I’ve Learned Blogging 2012…

Happy New Year friends!

Here we go…
diving into 2013,
whether we like it or not.

Do you have a party on New Year’s Eve?
We do…the girls love it.
We are having shrimp, artichoke dip, egg rolls,
and a vegetable tray this year.
Looking forward to seeing some close friends
and sitting by the fire.

I enjoyed Christmas, but I’m ready to make a fresh new start.
This year I gave my hubby a weather forecast
digital display unit “thingy”.
We are storm lovers, and we love keeping track.
Don’t worry, we don’t chase them down a
lonely highway or anything.
Not yet, anyhow.

As we hung this cool gadget in the bathroom
(best place for us to see it in the am),
I noticed it had not only a clock,
but it had the “seconds” displayed as well.
Not usually a jaw dropper, right?

Well, we both stared at it for a few seconds,
then both thought the same thing without uttering a word.
Pretty scary when you really watch a clock tick away time.
Talk about lack of control.
That’s one of life’s most difficult lessons…
eventually you run out.
Of time that is.

As I look back on 2012 I am reminded how far
has come in a relatively short period of time.
RCD now has almost 3000 followers between Facebook,
Pinterest, Hometalk, and subscriptions.

If you would have told me that a year ago,
I would have thought you were crazy.

So many new friends, and thankful for all of you.

Here I share some of my top “lessons” I’ve learned blogging.
A bit of a chatty Cathy today…sorry.

I was ready.
Blogging has opened up an entirely new chapter in my life that I never anticipated.  I fell into blogging last February when I wanted to share our kitchen makeover.  Sharing all of my ideas and creativity is so fulfilling.  I was happy before, but blogging is my way of expressing all of this energy, and it’s a whole new level of happiness and fulfillment.

It’s hard.
Learning how to design a website at your kitchen
table is a bit crazy I think.
I spent hours (okay, days…weeks) in the beginning trying to figure out
what the heck all of this was.
From link parties, to photography.
If it wasn’t for the support of my family, I wouldn’t have lasted.
I am truly blessed to have their support.  I think bloggers get a bad wrap.
Those who don’t have one, or read one, sometimes claim it’s a waste.
These folks obviously don’t understand the passion, dedication,
and hard work behind all of this.
Did you know some posts I write take anywhere from
3 hours to 3 days to compose.

Not complaining, just being honest.
For example, this post took 1 full Sunday:


click for recipe
Inspiring ROCKS!
The first time someone told me that I inspired them to
change something really felt great.
To give someone that “power” is truly a gift I never knew I held.
It feels so good.
A positive force that keeps me going.
I have received some of the sweetest comments back as well.
I’ve been called an artist, a photographer, a writer.
I’m being inspired as well as inspiring.
Can’t ask for much more.

It’s scary out there.
Not everyone is friendly.  Not everyone will like you.
It would be rather naive, and narcissistic to believe
all of my readers are here because they love me.
You have to develop tough skin quickly,
and learn how to take the high road often.
Not good at either one of those, but I’m getting better.
As long as I continue to write from my heart,
I will be fine.

Try not to compare.  
Blogging is a HUGE ego check.
If you’re a little insecure when you start a blog…be prepared.
There are way more talented people out there than you.
It’s impossible to compete.  Therefore, you must not.
Be you, and love you, and what you offer… no matter what.
That’s the point of blogging silly.
This is me talking to myself 🙂

Avoid drama.
Whenever we find ourselves in an unhealthy
environment in real life,
we get out (hopefully). The same for blogging.
I recently felt something wasn’t quite right for me.
I hesitated to prevent hard feelings.
I needed to react sooner.
When it doesn’t feel right,
or it’s not healthy mentally,
change it.

Follow your heart.
I have posted several personal stories from my brother being gay and losing him, to the night I was robbed at gun point.
Serious stuff, right?
Why do I display this info.?
It can help others, and it proves I am REAL.

Blog friendships are sweet.
Most of us have never met, but have developed a real
friendship through our interactions on the computer.
I have made friends all over the country from CA to TX,
back to FL, and up to Canada.
It’s amazing to be accepted for who I am, and what I love to do.
We share the creative gene and the inspiration is endless.
Just when I think I created something no one will love,
I get that comment telling me how talented I am.
That support is priceless in blog land.
Thank you to those of you that have been there for me,
and I look forward to our growing friendships.

Don’t forget the ones you love.
Back to TIME again.  Blogging takes lots of time.
I had some time to spare, but not as much as I thought.
Being a stay at home Mom requires a lot as it is.
Blogging can become a full time position, or more, if you let it.
My favorite…the photography, and the writing.
Those are the things that get my heart to beat fast.
Taking photos (after the project or while it is taking place), editing the photos and lighting, labeling your photos with watermarks, writing your content, editing it, publishing it, adding HTML codes, and links, networking not only promoting yourself, but visiting others as well, sponsorship responsibilities, not to mention keeping track of your stats all while trying to figure out what works,
and what doesn’t,
Is all part of the plan, but…
I let it take up too much of my life and I’m changing that now.
It feels great to let go, and to know I’m making the right choice.
1 post a week will do it for me, I hope.

I’ve let that go for almost a year now.  It’s really showing.  Going to start walking with Dude every day, and decrease those cals.  Sitting on my butt all day editing is not the life I envisioned.  Time to get back on track!  No more:

That’s it.
I think I covered everything.

Looking forward to 2013.
Just keep swimming!!!


Taken in my back yard a couple days ago.
Happy New Year!


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