Hutch Turned Tool Bench

Before I show you what red has been up to…
I wanted to thank all of my followers for their support.
Thanks to your votes over the weekend, I earned the “Iron Chef Mom” title for my “apple pie“.
I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love,
and have others enjoy it as well.
I put so much time, effort, and love into each and every post, so
to know that you recognize this inspires me to the max!
Thank you.
Now on with it Jules!
This is where it all began…
I actually liked this hutch/buffet, and I thought about painting it white.  When we turned this dining room into an office (details found here), I really had no use for it. The glasses were awful to dust, and Dude spends a lot of time in this room, so the glasses rattle every time he runs for a raw hide (he’s almost 100#).So, this is what happened…

By by dust!

Ahhh….much better.
But now what??
No one even glanced at it at the garage sale!
So here it sat.
The wheels started turning…not on my car,
but in my head!
I looked around the garage.
I saw this:
This lovely cabinet was left by the previous owners.  We use it for tools.Then there are these…Mr. & Mrs. Stinky by the door.
It’s convenient to just open the door and whip a bag of garbage out there, but I am getting tired of the smell at times.
(What do you think of my Walmart rug?
I had about 5 people ask to buy that at the garage sale.
It’s great for boots with snow.)
So…here’s what we did.
We found a better location for those stinky garbage cans.  Then we moved the cabinets over here and screwed the hutch to the top of it.We normally leave our precious American flag outside, but we have to store it for Winter.  What a cool new spot.I added a lamp I had in the basement, and a picture of my main squeeze & I.
Had to give it that personal touch.
The hardest part was sorting all of our screws and weird little brackets and such from over 20 years of projects.
The girls helped me with that, and Rick painted the cabinets-what a guy 🙂
I used knobs I had left over from other projects (I am a knob collector).
One of the perks to relocating those cabinets…
Just enough room to make a nice little cozy break room out of furniture we usually store this time of year.
My little Valerie came up with the lantern idea (lit up on table)…
she takes after her Mama.  The table top is from an old table
and we screwed it on to a huge log to make the “coffee” table.


We spend lots of time in that garage, especially for RCD…
it was about time we organized it and made it cozy.
Maybe you can find something to repurpose in your home.
You will be surprised what you find.
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8 Responses

  1. Diane says:

    Question for you. How do u keep the garage clean? When I open my garage door, especially in Spring and Fall, I have a zillion leaves, Elm tree seeds, dust and dirt blow in. Any suggestion how to keep those irritants out? Also my dryer vent is vented into the garage.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Diane, THAT is a great question! WE live in Michigan on a very wooded lot with Oak trees that seem to shed all year. We also have a ton of spiderwebs that drive me crazy. There’s a couple things I do to help. The easiest is to keep one of the those janitor style brooms by the garage door to sweep out crap when needed. We also have a vacuum system in the house and I am able to plug in out there and I vacuum the garage a couple times a year. I get right into the cracks of the windows and up the walls where I can reach. The other thing is to pay someone to clean the windows once a year. I’m not sure if you have windows in your garage, but I do an it’s fairly inexpensive to have the outdoor windows cleaned of all the bugs. I also use a lot of rugs out there and as mentioned before, I vacuum those often. Keeping the door closed helps too! Hope this helps you! ~ Julie

  2. […] and here it is in our garage over the “Hutch Turned Tool Bench”.   I was storing it there, but it did look […]

  3. Ann says:

    What a great idea Julie! My hubbie tends to take over the garage with all of his things and I only have a little space. LOL But this is a great organized spot. Love the little extra touches with the lamp, pictures and cute rug!!!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Ann! I call my husband “ the scatterer”. He scatters everything everywhere. I follow behind and put it all back, ha ha!!

  4. Ivory says:

    Oh Julie, I love what you did inside your garage. So well organized. That’s on my very long list of things to do. Not sure if we will get to it this summer or not, but it got to get organized, and soon. Thank you for sharing. Your garage is outstanding.

  5. Karen Richard says:

    Looks great and so functional! All I need now is a garage to do this too (lol).

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