Daphne Nicole 

It’s time for one of those personal, mushy,
“I’m crying when I write this” kind of posts.I’m learning that I get most enjoyment out of blogging if I mix it up a bit.  A little decor, a little cooking, and then bam…
I share a little of my heart.

You see …I am saving these posts for my children to read when they are older, and then the stories, recipes, and crazy ideas will be passed on.
Maybe I can even inspire someone to write in the future.

Speaking of writing…
we have another author in the Fiato household.
Her name is Daphne and she is our first born.
She turns 13 on October 27th.
Quite a milestone.
Quite a young lady.

Rick and I suffered a miscarriage the first time I became pregnant.
Four years later we tried again and It happened quickly…
Very blessed indeed.

In the beginning of the pregnancy we were told that the heartbeat was not detected.  The Dr. told us we had “a 50% chance”?
That was extremely difficult to hear after a positive test
and lots of symptoms.
It was also one hell of a long ride home from the
Dr.’s office that I will never forget.
We just had to wait it out and watch those HCG levels.
As you can see…it all worked out… and we changed Dr.’s. too. :)I craved chocolate ice cream and pizza with Daphne.
I also loved pancakes where before I hated them???
Why am I telling you what I craved?
It was all about the food at this point folks.
I was “STARVING” constantly…
as a matter of fact,
I had a huge chicken dinner right after they admitted me
into my hospital room.
I kid Daphne because she LOVES chicken.

It was a lovely pregnancy,
except that last trimester was LONG.

Our Dr. ended up inducing labor because she was 2 weeks late.
(that explained the no heartbeat-their date calculations were wrong)
I pushed for about 2 hours and they finally decided they had to do an emergency cesarean.
My epidural wore off a bit too soon, so it was quite painful for a few minutes,
but well worth it 🙂

Daphne Nicole was born October 27, 1999.A healthy, beautiful baby girl (8.o1# at 1:08am) that looked exactly
like her Dad.
(looked even more like his brother so that’s a family joke now)
We fell in love with her instantly.

Rick was still in Law school so he would work during the day, then go to school at night.  Daphne and I were home alone a lot those first years,
but her Pop always helped when he would get home.
My Mom & Dad helped a bunch too!
Daphne had colic for a couple weeks,
but aside from that she was pretty easy going.
Being a Mom has been the biggest and most rewarding gift in my life.
Being there for my children is what matters most to me.
I miss these younger years so deeply and wish that time could stand still.
Daphne and I became very close.
After a couple years
along came her sister….Valerie Anne 🙂
I tell Daphne she is the muffin, and Val is the frosting.
Best friends from the start…they are still tight as can be.
We learned early on not to compare
and to “include” both no matter what the situation…
It amazes us every day to watch them connect
and respect each other because of that.
Daphne grew into a smart young lady.
She has a creative heart and loves to read, write, and draw.
She has a gentle way and an old soul.
A lot like her dad…very easy going, generous, kind,
and always follows the rules.
If there are 2 cookies left, you can be sure she will leave the bigger one.
(although I think she sneaks Goldfish when I’m not looking :)Not only is Daphne all of these wonderful things,
but she is also brave.  She proved how brave a couple years ago.

Daphne came down with some unexplained severe symptoms
for months…(2 years total).
Rashes, severe joint pain (could hardly walk), and fevers to name a few.
Lots of Dr./hospital visits, tests/treatments, and missed school.
We still don’t have any answers,
but we believe that immunizations could have played a role.
I’m not going “there”, but as a Mom I do recommend to research all immunizations before you give them to your child.  Know the risks.

Even while sick, Daphne always had a positive attitude and
a will to fight what was causing her illness.
She was more concerned about me and missing too much school.

It was a rough couple years, but
I am very happy to report that Daphne’s symptoms have
subsided and she is now healthy and thriving.

Because of those tough times, I have learned.
I try never to take any time with my children for granted.
Am I a perfect parent, no.
I do however respect Daphne emotionally & physically,
and i tell her I love her just the way she is.
God made her unique and special and unlike any other.
(same for her sis)


One of Daphne’s illustrations
Daphne is writing her first novel and has almost 200 pages complete.
She also attends 2 art classes and plays the clarinet.
All of which she has taken on herself…
(okay…maybe I pushed for the clarinet a little!)
We are so proud of her and love her & her sister more than life itself.
Happy 13th birthday my sweet love muffin.
Thank you Jesus for blessing us with our children.

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