Happy 78th Dad!

My Dad turns 78 this Sunday!

I wanted to come up with something special to do with his picture I recently came across.

Here is the picture of my Dad when he was in the AirForce.

I decided to use a tray that I found on clearance.
I wasn’t sure what to do, or how to do it, but I knew I wanted to make it look distressed and I had ideas of using all different types of supplies when in fact I never needed them.
First  I sprayed it with Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
found on line.

It transformed it into a mirror like finish, but I stopped putting coats on early so it would still have some gold left.

Then I asked my handy dandy Richard to drill some holes for some extra jewels I had from a light fixture
I put in our bedroom (see here).  I also prepped the photo with some 2 sided tape.
I noticed the black electrical tape sitting there that
I was going to use help frame it in,
but something told me to use it to distress the frame.


I loved what it did!!!

It took off just enough mirror paint here and there.

I then cut some photo corners to give it that old fashioned style.  They were cut from sticky felt squares I found at Michael’s.

I knew I wanted to highlight my Dad’s signature, so I got out a sharp nut digger thing we use on walnuts, and engraved special words all over the frame.
I hope you like it Dad!

Happy 78th!

All my love,
Your daughter,
i should be mopping the floor

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