Easy Chore Chart!

This works like a charm!

Even though I have a teaching degree,
I have never been a fan of the charts that you hang on the wall at home keeping track of when Susie fed the dog, or Billy made his bed.

They are cute and fuzzy, but not something I am willing to take the time to do over and over.

We reward our tweens with cash for chores
they get done around the house…
not a lot of cash,
but enough to help them realize they don’t get paid
if the job isn’t complete. It also gives them incentive to do the job with out complaints and on their own with out being asked.

Can you believe it!?  My girls do chores with out being asked!!

This has also been a fantastic way to teach them how to save
and how to spend their hard earned cash wisely, not to mention a math lesson!

Here is the key…

When they do the chore, they mark down the amount earned.  When they spend they cross out that amount-very simple.

You will notice I listed the amount each chore is worth on the sides.

Before we came up with this method, it was up to Rick (my husband) to pay them their “allowance” every Friday.


That was getting out of control because I couldn’t keep track if we paid them and I really wasn’t
sure if they were earning the full allowance.

This way I know what they are doing, how much they are getting by doing it, and there is no dealing with the actual dollars or change.

If we are out and about and Valerie wants a stuffed llama that is $8.99, she knows she has to mark it off on the chart!

This chart is just made out of a piece of cardboard.

Easy, no fuss, get the job done chart!


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