Perfect Cake

Since I was a little redhead (1970’s),
I remember my Mom baking this beautiful chocolate cake for my sister, Carolyn’s, birthday!I just found out recently the reason she did it for onlyCarolyn is because she found the recipe in Jan. which is
Carolyn’s birthday month! (I never really asked or wondered!)So it became a tradition for only her birthday.Over the years my Mom decided to spread it around a little and make it for all of us…at least once!Guess who’s turn it was?

The cake is amazing…


But this isn’t about the cake…
or even the recipe (if you do want the recipe read here!)!!I’m writing this to remind you
to spend time with the ones you love.My Mom & Dad came over a couple Sunday’s ago and we made the famous cake together!It’s a tough cake to make…It involves using real chocolate and ice and beating…
I mean seriously I don’t know how
she has done it all these years!!!

So…even though the cake did not turn out the way it use to because we became a little frazzled at times (normal!) …

We all enjoyed it
to the max!!!

No such thing as a perfect cake folks…
spend time with the ones you love!Thanks Mom!Love,
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