Not Just Any Old Placemat!

It seems lately I have been doing so many personal posts followed with a few recipes…enough already Jules…time for someDECORATING!!

Woot Woot!!So…I was at Pier One Imports a couple weeks ago and I usually tend to navigate towards the clearance section at every store.Well…this wasn’t in clearance, but the price was right and I knew exactly where I could use this cool tin placemat! (note: the placemat is not fabric and is solid-click on it for details)


Pier One Imports/Hammered Metal Placemat
I have had these 4 votives that attach to the wall for years.
I bought them to put around our tub, but when we moved I decided to arrange them in a group in our bedroom.
I never felt right about them.
There was just something missing!
Do you already know where I am going with this???I knew instantly that the placemat would look perfect behind them.  I also knew my hubby would help me if I asked nicely 🙂
This was so darn easy.  I didn’t have to measure much because the lines on the placemat were great guides.Isn’t that a cool placemat!?
I have to tell you a quick story…I often tell my husband how sexy his hands are!I am not joking…there is something about his hands that drives me…well, to a good place!I once dated a guy and he was really cute but had awful hands.  It ruined it for me.  Isn’t that awful!

I joke about it to Rick all of the time.  If he had ugly hands we wouldn’t be married.

I can’t change who I am guys…I feel what I feel!

Okay…enough of that nonsense!

Here’s the final product!

Now you know what I mean when I say…Not just any old placemat!!The reflection it creates when lit is so much prettier!You could do this with a tray, an old board, a sign,etc. and you could also use any wall sconce (candle).

P.S. Nice hands Pop!

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