Illuminated Photo Door

Photo Door by Redhead Can Decorate .com
 I was inspired by one of my favorite stores,
Pottery Barn.
Here’s the photo of inspiration from my catalog…


Pottery Barn $399
I love mirrors and doors for decor so this instantly attracted me.
The price, not so much.
So…how can I make this, or something similar???
My mind quickly went down into my basement.
I thought of a french door that is located in a room that my husband uses as his “man cave”.
He is a bow hunter, and stores all of his “stuff” down in this room.
So, I decided to…


I asked Pop if he minded and of course he didn’t.
He never closes it, and it’s a gorgeous door that’s never seen.
This room was not finished when we bought the house and still isn’t.
I think the previous owner must have found the door at a garage sale or something
because it doesn’t match the other doors in the house.

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I actually had a chalk board here that I moved so this was a perfect spot.



After applying a bunch of black & white photos  (I had previously ordered) with Zots (see below),
I decided to screw on some Rope Lights on the back to help illuminate the door.


Zots were great for applying the pictures to the window.


I also purchased a Glass Door Knob and spray painted the hardware that came with it,
and the back of the handle to give it that distressed look.  It even came with keys…


Presenting my illuminated photo door…



Illuminated Photo Door Redhead Can Decorate
Time goes by fast guys…capture it/display it anyway you can.
I’m only 43, but every time I look at the photos of when our girls were infants I get teary.
Daphne & Val are still pretty young, but I miss the baby days and I
cherish those memories
with all of my heart.
If you look closely I added some Adhesive Crystals here and there…because that’s what I do…



Below you will see it with out having the lights on.
I will probably only light it up on special occasions. I could always move it, too!



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29 Responses

  1. Teresa Friend says:

    I have 7 children and 10 grandchildren, this is going to help me show off all of them !!!! Thanks Julie <3

  2. Wanda Fields says:

    Is door just propped up or is it attached? Maybe i overlooked that in quickly scanning. I have some old windows, but no glass in them.

    • Julie says:

      It is just propped up Wanda. Thank you!

    • Sammy Dorsey says:

      If you have a Lowe’s near you, you can go there and have a piece of glass cut into several pieces that would fit your door. It’s inexpensive and they cut it into the size you need! You can also do plexiglass, but it’s MORE expensive

  3. Donna Harrison says:

    Omg love and have to try it! Thanks Julie!

  4. Charlene Piche says:

    Fabulous. I have so many old photos that I would really love to display. You can have only so many pictures frames hanging on a wall or displayed on tables or a mantle. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Margaret Chase says:

    I love what you did with this door. I have one out in my garage that I have hung onto for years knowing that some day a great idea would come along. And now it has! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Stacey says:

    Your photo door is amazing! I’m loving your blog!

  7. Severita says:

    Love it, will start. I have the dark hall a similar door to closet. The lights and pics will be awesome. Good job!

  8. fawn says:

    Are the photos attached from the back
    with the zots on the photo itself or are
    they on the front of the glass with the
    zots on the back of the photo? Thanks.

    • Julie says:

      They are on the front of the photo and attached so you can see the photos through the glass. Good question. The glass gives the photo that framed appeal.

  9. Sharon says:

    How creative. Sign me up for anything that has lights. Only thing I would do differently is plug the lights into a timer. I would have them on in the evening and in mornings when I wake up

  10. Sharon says:

    How creative. Sign me up for anything that has lights. Only thing I would do differently is plug the lights into a timer. I would have them on in the evening and in mornings when I wake up

  11. Deborah Jarzynka says:

    I just love that door. I have one over at a friends farm. It is out in his steel building along with his tractors. The door was on his OLD tractor shed. The shed started to fall apart so I talked him into letting me have the door. I have to cut off about 10″ off the bottom. 9 squares glass on top. I want to do something with photos of passed away loved ones. Any ideas

  12. Michele Stevenson says:

    When you have the lights on are you able to still see the pictures? Love the idea just wondering about this. Thanks! Have a great day!

  13. Love this I collect old windows and looking for a door. Great idea with the lights. I am doing this. Thank you.

  14. Becca says:

    If only I had an empty wall..this is gorgeous! My problem is lack of closet/ storage space, so I have armoires & furniture cabinets on every free wall. Ideas?

  15. Love that the pictures are in black & white, will have to find a place that can print them. All my pictures are in color. Great idea thanks!

  16. Paula says:

    Did you put anything on the window panels to reflect the light? Or are the window panels frosted?

  17. Michele Finneran Williams says:

    I have an old window paned front door of my childhood home. I also have the actual
    address plate from the house.
    Even though the house has been torn down, I have this door that everyone opened to walk into our home. I thought I’d put the address at the top of the door
    on the wood. Then behind each pane a picture of family members, taken while we lived in the house. Five kids and over 40 years of memories.
    This door is heavier than the french doors, which I was unable to get. I was concerned
    how I would set this up, without it falling. I thought I’d have to have a brace made for the bottom. Any suggestions?

    • Julie says:

      Use an L bracket at the top and lean it in like I do at the top. You can also look into safety brackets folks use to protect children from furniture falling if the step on drawers. .

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