Red Hot Tip # 4 Low Fat Brownies

These brownies ROCK!
Have you ever seen them in the grocery?
Everybody loves a brownie.
I have been baking these for years…
they are easy to miss in the grocery store though.
It’s like they are hiding.
If you look in the brownie section slowly you will
be sure to find them.
I handed over the kitchen to our girls
Daphne & Valerie last night…
I think it’s important for all children to learn how to cook, grocery shop, do laundry, and even pay bills early on.They have been baking with me since they could walk,
so this really is not a big deal,
but they loved the opportunity to do itby themselves.
These low fat brownies are so easy to make and they are lower in fat and calories than your average normal brownie.
The girls did a fantastic job.

All you need is an egg, oil, and water…recipe is on the box!
There are also directions for the cupcake version.
They are so good.
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