Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday today!

I still love my birthday and think that birthdays should be cherished and celebrated no matter how old!

As I begin my day today I felt compelled to share a few things I have learned in my 43 years!

(remember these are things I have learned and you may not agree, but that’s ok!)

How about 43 things since I am 43!

1.Only you can make you happy-stop looking outward for happiness-search your soul-it’s there!
2.Life is short…don’t waste a second on drama or jealousy.
3.Always follow your heart…if you want to be a rockstar…
start singing.
4.Stay out of the sun as much as possible.
5.Look your child in the eye and tell them they are special and they can become anything they want in this life.
6.Good grammar is over rated.
7.Men are sexier after 40
8.You can paint pretty much anything.
9.Don’t ever smoke-if you do QUIT.
10.Call out a bully-never make fun at someone else’s expense.
11.Homosexuality is not taught-come out of the closet!!!
12. Drive your kids to school and talk to them about everything.
13.Saying your sorry feels great!!
14.Be aware of your surroundings at all times-there are bad people out there.
15.Alarm systems are worth every penny.
16.Cook with your family…if you don’t have time-find time.
17.Laundry sucks and will always suck!
18.Heating pads and Earl GreyTea Rock!
19.Call your Mom (or pray to her) or she will get mad.
20.Go to at least 1 NASCAR race…you will love it!
21.Don’t waste time on making your grass perfect.
22.If you are worried about a pain…
go to the Dr and push for testing.
23.Don’t give your son or daughter
Flu Mist, or Gardasil Vaccine.
24.You can have more than 1 best friend.
25.Eat lots of nuts and drink lots of wine!
26.Sit on your porch and watch your kids play.
27.Watching too much news will depress you.
28.Friendships end, but you can still look back on the good moments and find peace.
29.It’s never too late to love an animal.  Have many pets!
30.Respect your children and they will respect you back.
31.Hang on to the rail when going down stairs!
32.Some neighbors are weird.
33.Getting old is a gift…
34.You can have a beautiful home no matter
how much $ you make.
35.Don’t eat too much fiber!
36.Talk about death with your family.
37.Stick up for your siblings.
38.Go to bed angry, then apologize in the morning.
39.Reduce your calories if you want to lose weight.
40.Hang pictures eye level if you’re 5’4″.
41.You can bake eggs.
42.Don’t use fabric softener it’s lethal.
and 43…

Don’t worry about what you look like in a bathing suit…
jump in that pool and

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