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I have to admit that when I noticed Thrifty Decor Chick was having a children’s bedroom link party, I decided to finally do what I have been wanting to do for months…

get upstairs…


Yes…dust!  Does anyone else find it difficult to find time to dust?!  Then once you do it…it comes back in 2 days.  Alwell…it’s dust free in Daphne’s room for now…hope you enjoy a peak inside my oldest daughter Daphne’s room.  She is 12!

I have to mention that her and her sister, Val, are so tight, that they share this room even though Val has her own next door.

I love that they want to be together 🙂  I’ve never said no to letting them sleep in the same room.

Knock knock!  Can we come in Daphne?

I mean…aka Roxas???

Daphne is very good at keeping her room tidy.  It’s taken a little training, but she likes it neat (mission accomplished!).Have you ever shined  a flash light on a spinning disco ball in the dark?

Good way to help get the kids sleepy 🙂

It took me a couple years to figure out that this is Daphne’s space…being the decorator that I am, I tend to want the colors I want.Well…I zipped my mouth and so glad I did.  It’s her’s…all her’s, and she deserves that choice.

So…Daphne chose the colors of the walls and I think I picked the comforters out at Target (I wash those a lot, so nothing too expensive).

My Dad painted for us…thanks Grandpa!!  You are a great painter!

My Dad is 78 this year and he still paints like a champ!!

Daphne is an artist…a writer too.  She’s writing a novel.Totally serious.

I’ll let you know when it’s published!

Your children’s artwork is a great way to decorate their walls and it increases self esteem!

Posters are still in too!

& so cheap! (Walmart)

*”tac” from hardware stores is a great way to hang things-teacher’s use it and it doesn’t ruin the walls or artwork

I added this next pic at Daphne’s request :
Got hungry kids?
Target clock…lunch time or bedtime?

Dear ceiling fan…Do I like you or not?  I am puzzled by you.  Daphne likes you, so I guess you can stay.It is a very pretty craftsman style fan, just belongs in a family room.  It was here when we bought the house.

I’ve always loved round mirrored dressers…&

the wig???
That’s part of Daphne’s costume.  It’s pretty cool!  The bottles are from a thrift store…she found them on her own.  Good eye!

Hey, Val…remember this place next door?They share a walk in closet in between here, then that’s Valerie’s room.  I’ll post on that soon!

Rope lights from Home Depot…$10.
Daphne’s goldfish is almost a year old!  Her name is Roxas too!
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