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My family calls me Mama Mioni!
Hi!  My name is Julie and I am the redhead/stay at home Mom/decorator/ NASCAR fan (are there any NASCAR fans out there???) that developed back in February.  I have been participating in link parties for several weeks now, but have never really officially introduced myself (how rude of me!!)  I noticed a fellow new blog was kind enough to do so at a link party-how clever, so I decided to do the same!  I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I “fell” into this new adventure!

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Now on with the story Jules!  I grew up on a small island called Grand Island in NY (a real island that lies between Buffalo & Niagara Falls on the Niagara River) and I am happily 🙂 married to Rick, a wonderful man I fell in love with over 22 years ago (holy cow that’s a long time ago) in college.  We are blessed with 2 healthy, beautiful girls, Daphne 12 (a young writer/artist), and Valerie 9 (a young artist/gymnast) of whom we adore.  We also have a doggie we rescued from a shelter 3 years ago named Dude, who is a yellow Lab! He is quite a ham!

My Family 🙂
This picture was taken last Summer while visiting home in Niagara Falls.  We had just eaten a roast beef on Kimmelweck, ever have one?  Pass the horseradish honey!(Something you must try in Buffalo!)

picture from
Now, I have visited the falls hundreds of times and I still am captivated by it’s breath taking beauty-there is more to the Buffalo area than just chicken wings & snow!
Okay. . . no that’s not a chicken wing from Buffalo, although they are bigger there, but I thought it was a cute picture of our girls to make you smile! 😉

Niagara River heading toward the Falls.
If you look way back by the horizon, you can see The Grand Island Bridge that leads to the North end of the Island.  I grew up swimming in the Niagara River. . . sea weed and all at Beaver Island State Park .

Here’s our lil Val enjoying the view! That is the edge of the “Horse Shoe” part of the Canadian side right to the right of her shoulder.  Pretty cool. . .but I must continue on!  Oh. . . can’t forget a picture of DUDE!

Here’s AKA SUGZY, which the girls call him.  Dude is a friendly dog who is laying right by me as I write . . snoring away -zzzzz.
My true calling has always been to be a Mom that stays home.  I thrive on keeping the house tidy, cooking meals, grocery shopping.  I wouldn’t say I am June Cleaver, I am far from perfect, but it just feels right to me to be here.  I don’t feel like I am missing anything.  This is my career.  I have been blessed to be able to fulfill both my desire to be a stay at home Mom, and be able to have this “decorating hobby” on the side.  Now that my children are almost teens, I have more of a desire and more time to persue this passion that has developed and grown over the years.  What better way than making a website (blog)!  I literally fell upon this website idea by accident while looking into places to share before & after pictures of our kitchen, and came across some of the popular home decorating blogs.  I didn’t even know they existed!  My daughter, Daphne, had told me I should try it, but I really didn’t know what it was about!  What a great way to let out all of this creative energy I have built up while also learning more about DIY decorating/home improvement!  Woot Woot!  Thanks Daphne!


From a very young age, I have always loved decorating whatever space I happen to be in.  When I was 10 I remember spending hours alone in my room I shared with my siblings making beds-yes, making beds and liking it, decorating walls, moving furniture around.  I loved it then, and I still love it!  Here is a home that has always  inspired me. . .my childhood home until I was 6.  Such a cute home-I would love to get back in there and “update” it.  I remember loving the glass door knobs the doors had.  I still desire those beauties!  Those trees in front use to be a lot smaller!!  I remember sitting on that front porch with my cat Fluffy 🙂  My Mom & Dad did a lot of small home improvements while I was growing up. . .and always took great pride in ownership, no matter where we lived.  This is where my passion stems from.  Thanks Mom & Dad!


My Mom & Dad
Both of our parents worked for very hard for everything we had growing up.  Rick and I both find comfort in also working hard and providing a comfortable, cozy home for ourselves, and now for our children. . . Over the years I decorated (on a very slim budget) our first apartment, our first home, our second home, etc.  But, I must say . . the home that we live in now has been the most rewarding project thus far and I am here to share it and all of the affordable, easy, sometimes crazy ideas!  It brings me complete joy sharing these ideas that it took me years to create.  Below is a before & after shot of our home sweet home.  Amazing what paint will do.  We also cleared out a lot of the small trees ourselves and used them to help heat our house in the winter.  BRRRRRR!!!!  Lots of love went into this house, as well as lots of love going on onside the house.  We are a very close/down to earth family and our favorite thing to do is just to be together, gathered by the fire, eating, talking, sharing in our safe, lovely haven.


Check out my other pictures of before and after, and maybe even be inspired to take a risk and try some of my ideas in your own home.  I am not a professional, nor am I educated in design or decorating (I have a BS in Elementary Education and to be honest, when I student taught and substituted all I wanted to do was decorate the darn classroom!).  I am “just” a Mom with this passion and found my best work by taking risks and going with my gut.  I figure what have I got to lose?!  It’s just a wall!!  Life is short, go for it!!  I’m following my passion. . .knowing the rest will fall into place if I let it 🙂

I post on my blog often!  My posts range from recent projects to not-so recent projects we have worked on in our own home like “master bath make over” or “DIY Kitchen Makeover“, and also on to more personal posts like “Granite Nightmare!”.   In addition I love to cook and find bargains, so I often share these types of things as well.  Anyone want a low cal cake recipe that is easy and yummy?


Angel Food Cake, whipped cream, fruit, chocolate, boom, done. Healthy, low calorie, cheap, and YUMMY
I look forward to making some new friends and learning new decorating ideas from all of you!  Thank you for visiting my site.


ps: Go #39!

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