Pallet Christmas Tree


I wasn’t going to post this “Pallet Christmas Tree” until next month.  I honestly thought it would take that long to make.  This was so incredibly easy.  The hardest part is finding a pallet.

This is how my Pallet Christmas Tree came to be…

Last Christmas, I had come across one where the bulbs were actually glued to the pallet.  It was just bulbs, no lights, garland, stump.  It was beautiful, and sounded easy, so I jotted the idea down in my notes for Christmas 2014.  I wasn’t sure how I would make mine look, but I would figure it out then.

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Easy Pallet Christmas Tree Tutorial

When we received our DIY Fire Pit Kit last Summer, I asked my hubby to save the pallet it came on.  He actually didn’t hear me, and put it out to the curb.  GHASP!  Luckily I noticed it, and asked him to bring it back in, lol.  It sat in our garage until last night.  I brought it in and planned on sanding it, but I really didn’t feel like it, so I vacuumed all the dust/dirt off of it, and didn’t sand a thing.  After all, I wanted it very rustic.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something crawling.  It was a tiny, tiny spider.  I didn’t think much until I saw another, and another.  Okay, the whole family was making an appearance, so I decided to hold up.  We stuck it back outside, and sprayed the heck out of it with basic bug spray.  Then I let it dry.

Pallet Christmas Tree

After about an hour, I brought it back in, and painted it with white paint I had on hand.  Any paint will due.  I purposely painted it lightly, so some of the wood would show through.

While it was drying, I collected the decorations.  The Christmas lights I had, 90% of the silver & gold ornaments I had collected weeks prior from our local thrift stores.  I decided on a silver & gold theme early on, so I also collected anything I could decorate the tree with including the silver & gold foil star garland.  Little did I know, this stuff was going to work really well.  It was easy to wrap around the nails.

The snow flake I bought for $1.99 at our grocery store, but the gold star on top and the star candle are both from the thrift store.  The gold star on top had a bottom to it that we cut off.

So, I grabbed a handful of nails (glue did not work for me), and started at the top hammering the nails in.  I’ve labeled the photo below with x’s where I put the nails.  I started with the “female” end of the lights and I put the first bulb on the first nail to light up the star, and then zig zagged my way down.

How to make an easy DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

Then, I did the star foil garland from nail to nail, allowing some of it to “coil” or “curl” here and there.

Then I attached the star just by putting it on the first nail.  I did the same with ornaments hanging them like we do on a normal Christmas tree with the little hooks.  I had to add a few nails in bare spots on the pallet to hang the ornaments there.

Lastly, my hubby cut a log in 1/2 for the stump and he screwed it in where you see the circle.
DIY Pallet Christmas Tree by REdhead Can Decorate

This is even prettier in person.  We will cherish this Pallet Christmas tree for years to come. I’m in love with it.

I hope you make one!

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DIY Pallet Christmas Tree w: easy steps, and no wood removal

Easy DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

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Easiest Pallet Christmas Tree Tutorial…I did this in one night, and it cost me under $10.

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113 Responses

  1. debbiedoos says:

    Julie this is soooo flippen cute and you did an awesome job girl!!!

  2. That’s pretty cool! Love simple projects like this.

  3. Chuck young says:

    Very nice. Now my sister wants me to make her one. Problem is she lives 200 miles away and a pallet wont fit in our vehicles.

  4. Sarah Fowler says:

    I own a horse riding facility, and this will be super cute in front of the barn. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  5. Paige.Rose says:

    Such a different & nifty idea! It’s sparkly ,what could be better?!


  6. Christie says:

    OK, I’m in LOVE with this pallet tree! I can’t wait to make one of my very own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Sherry says:

    So pretty! I’ve GOT to have one!

  8. Donna Smith Phelan says:

    You have totally outdone yourself on this one! I love it and will definitely be making one for myself, I even have a pallet or two hanging around!!!

  9. Neri Ann says:

    This is sooo cute!

  10. Tee says:

    Absolutely STUNNING!

  11. Judith says:

    Great job! I also am using nature and thrift items. Went to the woods gathered up branches a fallen limb’ leaves pine cones, etc. Whitewashed limb, branches wired together for the Christmas tree, sprayed leaves and pinecones silver and gold and used sparkly fabrics for ornaments. Mostly in pink. Finished it off with lavender sparkly mesh! Fun,fun,fun.if I can figure out how to send u pics I will. Not very good at technology! Thanks. Judy. Working on other nature inspired projects like old wood fence piece, whitewashed inspiration board with vintage mirror chalkboard paint and lots of inspiring pics. Sorry to go on and on, just love sharing with like minded creative who turn trash into treasure!!!

  12. Linda says:

    Love it! This is so look cute!!

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  14. Jolene says:

    I cant decide how big the pallet actually needs to be. I have quite a few but they are all a “perfect square”? I’m wondering if using two of them will make it to tall as one if actually a little more than half my height. Any suggestions? I can’t wait to get started!

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  16. Katie says:

    How tall is the pallet you used?

  17. Nick says:

    Truly sensational…. I’m looking forward to making one without delay.

  18. Oh I just love this! Pinned and hoping to make very soon!

  19. Tracey says:

    Oh my gosh! This is what I want to do for our privacy fence! It’s going to look great…thanks!

  20. Kimberly Beal says:

    I have a pallet that when you stand it on end like yours is… slats run up and down rather than across. Will this still work???

  21. erinn ragan says:

    I’m starting this project today. Got a free pallet in prefect shape from a friend. Where did you get lights with white wire? The ones I got from the dollar store have green wires. Thinking this will clash with the color scheme I want to use. Thanks!

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  23. Stacey Casagrande says:

    Love love loved this. Ive made one for my Caffe and I’m so pleased with it!!

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  25. Anna says:

    This is gorgeous, and perfect for our porch. I can’t wait to make one! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Deb says:

    Julie, your Pallet Christmas Tree is amazingly affective!! thank you so much for sharing & inspiring me & many others, to make my/their very own special tree. ‘I may not make it this Christmas, but I will definitely have it ready for 2015’. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

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  31. Joe Thomason says:

    Great idea! A pallet Christmas Tree would look great out here in the country! 🙂

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  34. linda says:

    A while back at a to find a few pallets for a project we were doing at work. All I did was call the local grocery store and other stores like walmart and the dollar store to find out if they had any I could take. They told me when they would put them out for trash pickup. Then I had my choice of free pallets. Easy peasy!

  35. This is really great! I would love it if you shared this at my link party Welcome to the Woods Wednesday, over at The party will be up, and ready Tuesday evening. Hope to see you there.


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  37. Holli says:

    I love this! I have a pallet tree but its wood from the pallet in shapes starting small at top to wide at the bottom in shape of a tree. I zigzagged my lights as well. You have a large pallet. It has 10 slats where mine is only 6.
    You lucked out with the big one.

  38. Michelle says:

    This is just pure awesomeness!!! Loved it, you made my top 20 DIY tree list!!!

  39. beachomber says:

    this is the most creative christmas tree i’ve seen!! as well as being beautiful!
    i shared this on my Facebook page and very popular 🙂

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  41. Patti says:

    Love this, getting ready to make one now…what length string of lights did you use, anyone?
    Thank you!!

  42. Karen says:

    LOve love love….but can I ask how many string of lites it took or how many feet? thanks..cant wai to make for my front porch…already have pallets from my hubbys work

  43. Maxine says:

    Woohoo! This would be so much easier than me trying to pull apart the pallet and then trying to saw the pieces. It looks too cute. Must get self motivated and do this.

  44. Patti says:

    I haven’t made it yet…because I’m still not sure of the lights…100 or 50 lights? Anyone know?? Or how many feet?
    Help! 😃

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  57. Katelyn says:

    What size of a pallet is used for this. I have a regular square one. Will this work?

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  59. Becky says:

    Julie…..I absolutely love the ‘chickness’ of this pallet Christmas tree, so feminine & sexy! ~ I will hit my favorite thrift shops starting tomorrow looking for cool & unique shaped ornaments! My favorite color is Aqua, & I love the silver & gold too, this looks easy (cuz I am not hands on crafty ~ all thumbs!). I love to décor & be creative, but sewing & using power tools isn’t my thing. This tree looks like something I just might be able to do! Thank you for the inspiration!

  60. Michelle says:

    Fellow ginger – cant wait to do this with my two 14 yr olds next weekend. I just showed the boy and he is stoked!

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  62. One of my favorite Christmas projects from you! XO

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  65. Dad says:

    Very nice idea
    , love Dad in NY.

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