Easter Brunch Table Ideas

Easter 2


Happy Easter from our family to yours!
It’s gorgeous here in Michigan today.
Sunny and high in the 50’s.
These photos of our girls were taken years ago at an Easter egg hunt.
How time flies when you’re loving your family.
Notice the happiness in those faces.
What I especially like about this second photo is Daphne’s hand wrapped
around her little sister.
Daphne & Valerie are best friends still 5 years later.
Rick and I have succeeded in facilitating a close relationship between our girls.
We are truly blessed by God, and I thank him every day.


On Easter morning Daphne & Valerie wake us up and they search for their Easter baskets.
You never know where that Easter Bunny will hide them.
He also hides Easter eggs filled with jelly beans all over the house and leaves
a trail outside too.
Lets hope the deer don’t steal them like they did our snowman’s nose.When deciding what to share with you this week,
I originally planned on doing deviled eggs.
Then I noticed about 500 blogs already did that, so I began to think about how I could help you decorate your table for Easter breakfast, brunch, or dinner.So I gathered a few supplies not having any clue what I was going to pull together,
but it turned out pretty.  This is what I started with:


Although I didn’t prepare a full Easter brunch for you,
I did manage to decorate the table with items I had around the house.


Easter Table Ideas


  • Furry fabric is from Joann Fabrics.  No sewing, I just folded the edges under.  It’s different, and I guarantee no one else will have it.  It just feels right to me.
  • Plates are from the Dollar Tree (I used them on my Christmas table too).
  • Napkins were inherited from my Mom & Dad and I tied twine into a bow and stuck a real daisy in (no fake flowers allowed).  The daisies were $2 per bunch at our local florist.  They smell so good and last long.  Valerie and I had fun at the florist.  We even told the nice lady behind the counter about RCD.





  • Glass canisters are from my bathroom.  I traded in the q-tips/cotton balls for eggs from Target.
  • I love using ribbon for table decor.  It adds color and you can pick your favorite and use it year after year.
  • I didn’t have enough of the same crystal glasses so I mixed them up.


  • This is a “butter lamb”…I had her frozen from when I purchased 2 from our Polish market (you can order these on line from an on line Polish market when it’s closer to Easter-they run about $5.00, or make one with a mold).  While in the middle of the shoot, her head fell off.  You can see the cracks, but you get the idea.  See below for more info. on her.
  • The bunny below I found a couple weeks ago at a thrift store.
  • The Easter eggs are real, we colored them with “Paas” dye kit last weekend.  Nothing beats plain colored eggs.  Very simple and reminds me of my childhood.  The girls enjoy writing everyone’s names on them with crayon.




I’m looking forward to a nice meal with our family.
Easter 2


Before I let you go, I thought I would share some tid bits from my Mom
regarding the “Polish Market” in Buffalo, New York.  I am Polish and I love the Polish traditions.  Take it away Jojo!

“Julie, The Polish Market is on the East Side of Buffalo, in the heart
where the Polish decent (not sure when, but it was popular when your
Great Grandparents settled in Buffalo), most of the people were of
Poland who came to Buffalo because of the steel mills and other job
opportunities, Polish Market (when I was a little girl) was a large
steel structure as I can remember, with stalls of Polish foods from
Babka (a Polish coffee-cake), butter lambs, which went into the baskets
for the blessing of the foods that were eaten on Easter morning. As a
little girl my cousin, Sandra, and I would take Easter baskets filled
with all the delicious foods  from Polish sausage, to hard-boiled eggs,
babka, butter lambs, candy for the Easter baskets, and cakes topped
with luscious butter cream frosting with red cherries. There were home
made dill pickles in large wooden barrels that we would fish out of the
barrel filled with the brine pickles were fermented in. There were also
fresh vegetables from the Polish peoples’ garden’s in Buffalo. Sour
kraut that was homemade, horse radish made right in the market and it
could clean out your sinuses. Special eggs that were made out of wood
and merrily decorated with beads, shells hand-painted with bright
colors. Polish hams that were sold were the best along with the Polish
sausage. These are some of the things I remember and even you kids went
for the treat of preparation for the Polish Easter Sunday which the
Polish were very proud of the wares they sold at the Polish Market. I
would think the market has to be at least 150 years old, maybe older.
Oh, don’t forget the pierogie, filled with sauerkraut, prunes, cheese
(not sure of the name of the cheese) you should know it, and potato
with onion. Think it is farmer’s cheese.”


Notice the bunny candle I’m holding up on my knee…
a decorator at 10, and still going strong!


Happy Easter to you and your family~
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