Good morning~Before I tell you all about Pastina,
I wanted to share with you another easy way to help those
suffering from Sandy.
Just click on this photo for details.
These folks need immediate help…
thank you!

Unfortunately, it will be a couple of weeks before I can reveal what changes we have made to our kitchen because of a back order.
Very frustrating because it’s finished except for these 2 minor,
but necessary details.

No worries though…
I have a long list of ideas and inspirations waiting to write about.
Today I’m settling on something I should have shared long ago.


Do you know what it is?
I didn’t until my husband showed me a box of it in the
pasta isle years ago (it’s there, but can be hard to find).
He also shared a lovely story about how his
Grandmother made this
for him as a child.It’s been a staple in our pantry ever since.
The girls love it, and never get tired of it.
it’s nice when you haven’t cooked, or need something fast.
It’s also been known to cure a few belly aches,
or make someone sleepy.The combination of texture and taste makes it the perfect comfort food.
(I am not being paid to say this)


There are several brands, click here to order Ronzoni’s version on line.

The best part of Pastina is that it’s so easy to make.


Boil medium pot full of salted water.  Add as much Pastina as you desire.  A little goes a long way.  Cook 10 minutes, strain water, but leave a little to mix with butter.  Pour back into pot.  Depending on how much butter you like, drop it in, add a little more salt along with pepper.  Stir and serve immediately.  Great alone, as a side dish, in soup, or with a salad.

Hey Rick…
want some Pastina Baby?
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  1. I love Pastina!! Thank you for sharing at Throwback Thursdays!


  2. Rose Burroughs says:

    All three of my kids love nonna’s pastina the best….no matter how hard I try….my Jamie would always want it when he was sick or just down….thanks for bringing back memories…xo

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