Julie’s Red Hot Tip #1 Beer Bottle Soap Dispenser

Sometimes, I wish I could do 10 things at once, don’t you?!  To be honest with you, since starting this blog, my time management has gone down the drain!  I’m finding it difficult to do everything I did before, and do all the photography, writing, and networking you must do to have a successful blog which has become very important to me.  I love RCD!!!!  So…I have decided to share some very “quick posts” instead, along with probably one longer post during the week.

I decided to name these quick posts…

Julie’s Red Hot Tips!

(you never know when one will pop up!!)

I love sharing these little ideas and hope you can use some of them!!

Julie’s Red Hot Tip #1

I first noticed this at my sister-in law’s house years ago with a coke bottle.  I’m sure most of you have seen this, but who knows…I just felt I had to share.  If your like me, I don’t like to wash dishes with a sink full of water.  What I do instead is just wet the sponge, pour soap on it, clean the pot, and rinse.  I need a dish soap dispenser that is light because my hands are pretty darn small.  I use to have a big blue bottle that I used for this, but it became too heavy.  Today I found a clear bottle (Bud Light Lime to be exact) and got the stickers off with a blowdryer which heated them up to peel off and the rest came off with Goof Off.

I filled it with pretty soap and about 1/3 full of water so it will come out the spout easily…great price on liquor dispensers found “here“.

If we have to do dishes
we may as well have a cool soap dispenser.


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13 Responses

  1. barbara howell says:

    where do you get the spout?

  2. Angela Harrex says:


  3. Who knew a Bud Light bottle could be so beautiful and functional, too! Love it, Julie!

  4. Brenda Graver says:

    i use to use the bottles that you use to make pretty vinegars ………….but i will have to check out different bottles and see what i can come up with ………………..love that you found a cool use for a beer bottle

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  6. Kay Sharp says:

    Love all your great ideas! Was just wondering about the spout for the bottle dispenser. I have had a couple, but I would get so frustrated with the dish detergent coming out so SLOW. What spouts do use? It looks larger than mine and this might be just what I have been looking for!
    Keep sending the great ideas!

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  8. Lenore says:

    Ok you Redheaded Woman you, you are dangerous. I have a ton of emails to go through (been sick the past few days ,so my poor computer has been feeling neglected or relieved not sure which) and I find your blog through a link on another blog. All I wanted to do was take a quick look at your blog and what do I find? I find out that you have such cool creative stuff on your blog, so I have been sucked in. I signed up to get your blog emailed to me and am really looking forward to your future posts. You kick butt lady and your style of writing is fantastic. Have a wonderful and solicitor-free weekend!

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