Bedroom Light Makeover

My family knows that I am addicted to light fixtures.  If you go to Home Depot you will probably find me there admiring all of the lights.
If you shop around on line as well there are some very affordable light fixtures that can update any room you like.  No need to spend a fortune on lights now!  I love the new drum shades that are so popular.  I especially like the fabric shades that you can see through like my master bedroom bedside tables have (I got those @ Walmart in clearance for $20 ea.-see below).
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So…I started my search for an affordable light with fabric to match.
I was pleasantly shocked to find this one for $99 here.
bedroom light 3


Wood Planked Ceiling

Wood Planked Ceiling Master Bedroom

I think that is a great price.
sooo…This fan came with the house, and is fine.  I think I have used the fan part twice.  My parents on the other hand could really use a fan in their family room…so…It won’t be wasted.
The new light ended up being my Mother’s Day gift.
My husband is fantastic at putting light fixtures up for me.  I know it’s an awful job, but he never complains.(well, just a little)
We decided to do drape the chain since it was so close to the bed.  I love the way it hangs over the center of the rug now and is lower.My husband just fits under the glass jewels.I should also mention the light came with beautiful jewels.  They are not plastic, but glass.
Very romantic and very pretty!
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