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Thank you for your interest in’s “On-Line Home Decorating Consultations”.  I receive frequent requests for decorating advice on everything from what color paint I use(d), to how to make over a dated kitchen or bathroom.  I enjoy giving out this information, and I don’t mind answering your questions.  I am here to inspire you, and that is why I love what I do!  On occasion, the questions and information become quite involved and are more time consuming.  Below, you can find my current rates for “On Line Home Decorating Consultations” and how it all works.  If you are interested, please contact me, Julie,  by e-mail at

Do you have a space in your home that you want to make over,
but don’t know where to begin?

Do you have a small budget, and a few ideas, but need help getting them to fruition?

Do you love thrift stores, DIY projects, and bargains when decorating?
If so, I’m your redhead.

Initially, please send me a photo (or a few) and an idea of what you are looking for so I can decide if  we are good fit.
After we decide to work together as a team, I require an initial fee to secure your consult (see below).
Then, I will ask you to provide several large, bright photos of the space you would like to transform (by e-mail).
I will also ask you to provide some information, including a brief summary about your life style, your favorite decorating style, and what ideas/goals you have for the room we are decorating.
I may even ask for you to share a clipping of your favorite room.
Everything we do will be confidential, and completed through e-mail.
After I receive all of this information from you,
I will write you a detailed decorating recommendation.
From paint, to furniture, to light fixtures…
My suggestions and information will help you with it all.
Depending on how in depth this process is, my rates are as follows:

Just have a question?

*$25.00 -paint advice or other decorating question that doesn’t require a full consult,
but requires me to locate information and relay it to you.

Full 1 Room Online Home Decorating Consultation

*$50.00 initial fee to secure your complete “1 Room Online Home Decorating Consultation”
*$50.00 for each additional 1/2 hour it takes me to write your recommendation, and answer any remaining questions afterward ($100.00 minimum)
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(All payments are processed through Paypal, or a check in the mail.)
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