Family Recipes

Bob’s Pot Roast


One of my all time favorite recipes is my Dad’s Pot roast.  I grew up in Buffalo…so we were cold!!  There was nothing like eating my Dad’s Pot Roast after coming in from that cold. After I moved out on my own with my husband Rick (aka: Richard, Pop, Ricky), , my parents would visit  often. On one occasion my Dad taught me all of his Pot Roast secrets!  Thanks Dad!!!!  You can also do this in the crockpot, but he would say, “No Way!”  

What you will need:

~CHUCK roast (about 3-4 lbs.)
~3 med. onions quartered
~6 carrots peeled, cut big chunks
~4 celery stalks (heart is great)
~ 6 med. peeled potatoes cut 1/2
~Mushrooms if desired (fresh)
~1 lg. can tomatoes (any)
~Sm. can V8
~ Lots crushed fresh garlic
~3 C. H2o
~3-4 T. flour
~Salt & Pepper
~dash of any favorite spice -I prefer garlic powder, my sister uses 1 pk. onion soup mix
~ Big roasting pan
~4 hours and about 2 minutes after eating it to finish licking your plate.

**optional-to maximize the full flavor of the roast-I add about 1/2 C. redwine and reduce the water by 1/2 C.

*You can skip the potatoes and used mashed, or skip all together for lower carb meal.  Also great over rice.

* serve with crusty Italian, or warm biscuits


My Dad…”Bob”
I have done this in the crock pot and it turns out great.  My Dad ALWAYS did it in the oven…and it was usually on Sundays while the Bills were on in the background…great memories!  My Dad is a great cook!


Preheat oven to 375. Put the roast in the pan and sprinkle with S & P.  Put in oven 1 hour-uncovered.  Take out and spread the garlic all over it.  Pour can of tomatoes over all of this.  No need to stir.  Lower to 350 and put back in oven for 1 hour-no need to cover.  While it is in the oven, prep your veggies.  I prefer big chunks.  Then prep your thickening agent-whisk 3-4 T. flour with 3 C. hot water. Get all lumps mixed well.  After the first 2 hours are complete, add the veggies, rest of seasoning (which should include more S & P) and flour mixture.  Add the can of V8.  Stir as best as you can.  Pop back in the oven still at 350 and leave for 2 hours-still no need to cover.  The meat should break apart when done (I call it stringy meat)…if it doesn’t, add cooking time and some more h2o. 

My Mom & Dad


Make sure you get CHUCK ROAST!