Decorated Apartment Home Tour (so far!)

We’ve been in our new (temporary) apartment for a little over 6 months now, so I thought it would be fun to pull everything together to show you what we’ve accomplished thus far! I should tell you that we are so close to being finished, but I’m still working on my “closet” office (which turned out amazing I must say!), and I haven’t photographed the kitchen and bar area since Christmas. So much has changed in the kitchen, including removable wallpaper! I promise all of this is coming up soon, it just takes time to get it all ready for photographs. I will also be doing a full apartment home video!

This was me 6.5 months ago all excited to move in! I hope you enjoy the gallery of everything I have so far…

Stay tuned for my husband’s “cave”, my dressing room, the kitchen, and our summer patio!