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I'm Julie, a feisty, but rather shy redhead from New York, who moved to the Midwest to follow my dreams (and the love of my life). I'm passionate about decorating our home with my own unique affordable DIY style which is a mix of eclectic, contemporary, traditional, with a splash of country. I don't follow the crowd, but trust my gut instead. I hope to inspire you to try some of my ideas. I also love to cook and share my easy recipes. My family begs me to make my homemade meatballs and pizza. I hope you will try them and hang out with me for a while or subscribe to my e-mail letter here:

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Mama Mioni’s Pizza!


“…I love when Mama uses me as a taste tester!”

“…Life is good people!”
Pizza. . .Not sure about you, but pizza is a staple at our house.
Sometimes I order it, sometimes I make it.
Either way, every single time I announce we are having pizza,
these 2 rascals light up like Christmas trees.
I have to admit-It’s my favorite too.
Here I will share a somewhat healthier,
and easy pizza recipe I use almost weekly .Oh. . .before I start, you might be wondering who is Mama Mioni?
A couple years ago while making a pizza, I started telling the girls It was “Mama Mioni’s Pizza!” in a really silly voice.
For some reason they have never really asked who Mama Mioni is . . .
but they seem to think’s it’s funny and there’s nothing better
than a smile on my children’s faces.
I guess I have become Mama Mioni,
but if there is a real Mama Mioni,
please let me know!!
(and there is, see comments below!)

I have a confession.  I use FROZEN DOUGH.
Frozen dough will become your best friend I promise.
Here in Michigan I buy Tiseo’s, but they are local.
If you check out the frozen bread section in your grocer’s freezer,
there is frozen dough there and it’s cheap.
While growing up in Buffalo, I remember my Dad baking fresh bread from frozen dough.  I think it was Rhode’s dough, or possibly Tops generic.
Although it is shaped in a loaf style, I  use it for pizza dough as well.

Once it defrosts you have to knead it a while to get it round (or do it rectangle).  Either way, if you want pizza at 6pm, take the frozen bag of dough out of the freezer before you go to work and throw it on the counter.  When you get home, it will be defrosted, warm, and ready to use.  

This is how mine looks out of the freezer:


After you let it defrost for 8 hours, or even more, it should look like this-all blown up.Now, even though I am married to an Italian stallion, that doesn’t mean we don’t use jar sauce.  Do you know how many seasoned Italians I have spoken to that tell me NOT to cook sauce all day, and to use a low sugar jarred sauce and add some spices.  Sure glad I learned that early on.  I also learned an easy sauce recipe that you will love, but that will be another post (found here).  My favorite jar sauces are Ragu and Hunts in the can .  As far as cheese, I use what I have.  I freeze left over bagged shredded cheese, so I usually use that up.  I  use fat free mozzarella, part skim mozzarella, even Walmart brand which is in the picture.  If you really want great flavor, add a little shredded cheddar, or sprinkle some parmesan if you run out of other cheese.  Use what you have, and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Ingredients:1 frozen dough (thawed & room temp)
sauce (read above)
cheese (read above)
garlic salt
Pam or olive oil
any toppingsWow!  That was easy!

 Mama Mioni’s instructions

I like to open the bag and poke the dough to get the air out.  Now is also the time to set oven to 450.

I spray my hands (my model is my daughter, Daphne) with Pam and then it won’t stick to your hand.  I also spray the pan.  You can use flour, but I hate the mess.  Plus fewer calories and it cooks up very nice.

Then I begin to stretch it being careful not to rip it.  This gets easier after you have done it a couple times.  If you have a hard time, put it on the pan and spread it out with your finger tips pushing it.  Be patient, it takes practice.

Or, have some fun and make the kids laugh.  Throw it in the air!  Hilarious…we tried to get a picture of the pizza in the air…sorry, this is as close as we could get.

If you have any holes, just patch them up.

Add your sauce, as much or as little as you want.

Sprinkle the cheese. . .

Fresh basil (wow this is gorgeous) is not necessary, but I happen to have it on hand.  You can use dried basil too.

I always sprinkle a little garlic salt on the crust edges as well.  Gets the girls to eat the crust.  I love California style garlic salt by
Mc Cormick-it has little green parsley flakes in it.

You can add anything you like.  I love mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes, onion, olives, or just plain.  I’m trying to keep it healthy, so I stay away from meat.  You already have enough protein from the cheese.
Bake for about 15 min. . .. make a quick salad while you wait. . .
“That smells so darn good Mama!!”  (the girls had just taken a shower and were going to bed, but they had to try a piece even though it was for tomorrow.
Quick “Mama Mioni” Pizza story for you.  I ordered a pizza one night and it seemed to take forever.  I think an hour and a half passed by and we were so hungry.  At one point, I finally yelled…”WHERE THE HECK IS THAT PIZZA!!???”  The door bell rang instantly.  It cracked us all up so much!  The kids were on the floor laughing hysterically.  I think the pizza boy thought we were NUTZ.  So now we always have this thing about saying “Where the heck is that pizza???  Ding Dong!”Hope you enjoy your pizza tonight,
because I know after reading this post you will be craving it!Love,
Mama Mioni


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