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I'm Julie, a feisty, but rather shy redhead from New York, who moved to the Midwest to follow my dreams (and the love of my life). I'm passionate about decorating our home with my own unique affordable DIY style which is a mix of eclectic, contemporary, traditional, with a splash of country. I don't follow the crowd, but trust my gut instead. I hope to inspire you to try some of my ideas. I also love to cook and share my easy recipes. My family begs me to make my homemade meatballs and pizza. I hope you will try them and hang out with me for a while or subscribe to my e-mail letter here:

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How we made our SMALL Master Bedroom work!

When I first began blogging back in February, I told Rick I would never do a piece on our master bedroom.  I mean. . . it is kind of private, right?  This was before we took a huge risk (meaning physically) and rearranged the furniture to give us more space. We love our house, but we really wish our master bedroom was bigger.  I’m not complaining. . .we are very blessed to have our cozy home.  Here is a picture before I painted and before I convinced Rick to help me moved it around:
You can see the bed frame is huge (not sure what I was thinking when we got that) and we hardly have any room to walk around the bed.  Valerie, our 9 year old, loves to do cart wheels.  HA!  Maybe on the bed? (don’t even think of it Val!)  We thought this was the only possible way it could work.  Then I started thinking outside the box (literally!) and noticed pictures of beds in front of windows!  Hmmmm??? Could that help us, or make it worse?  Isn’t that against the law or something? :)  Let me tell ya, Rick was not thrilled about moving this huge thing around on our wood floors (I really don’t mind a few scratches).  I should mention though, that we used wash cloths under each corner and the bed slid around that room like it was Disney on Ice! Furthermore, some may think it’s crazy to block the light, but I figured we actually sleep here . . .zzzzz, sooooo that shouldn’t stop us!  We also figured it wouldn’t be a fire hazzard because Rick threw me out that side window once so I know I can fit! (kidding)Wait!  What about the pretty shutters?  Cover those up too???  YOU BETCHA!   Ready?

Come on in!  Check it and please leave comments!  I love comments!!  (be nice!)

Hey Val . . . I think you can actually do a small cart wheel on that rug!  Can you see the extra room now?  It really is so much better for us.  I can even put that storage bench at the end of the bed to sit on when we put our sneaks on.  I also found some pretty pillows at Kohl’s and Pier 1, all on sale.  The rug is from Target.  I have always loved stripes, so when I found this quilt at Bed Bath & Beyond years ago, I fell in love-I used that 20% off coupon wisely.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I love that it has so many colors in it.  Even light blue.  We live in the Mid West so I tend to think warmer tones.  Here are a couple more shots to show the extra space we have now.  The bed used to be where this dresser is:
A little tip about buying furniture.  Rick and I started out with a waterbed, coffee table a friend gave us, a 13 in. TV, and a chair back in 1992.  We have slowly worked our way up to a house full of furniture.  I’m not ashamed to admit that most of it was purchased on credit.  The trick to that is finding a store that will offer zero interest and divide it up so you put the money away slowly and pay it off before the promotion is up.  I have done that with everything we own.  I know it would be smarter to go out and look at garage sales and redo some things.  Haven’t really done that yet, except for smaller items.  I would still love to though!   We plan on passing this pretty furniture down to our girls eventually.  Also. . one problem we had was the TV.  Couldn’t see it from the bed while it was in the armoire.  So we had to pay way too much for Best Buy to install it on the wall.  It is nice though.  Can’t miss “Housewives in OC” now can I?  Now I use the armoire for some much needed jeans that don’t fit storage.  haha

Showing off the green here :)
I posted before about the lamps I found at Walmart for $20 in clearance (great deal!).  The Robert Doisneau photo (more info. on that here) Rick gave me as an anniversary gift about 10 years ago.  It’s so romantic!  It was a very special gift and I never tire of looking at these two.  Even though the subjects in the photo may not really be in love as the story tells, they sure do look it.  Every girl wants to be kissed like that, and to be loved like that!  It use to have a frame, but it broke.  I would love to put some old wood around it.  For now it’s just up with tac.  I love the look of black & white photos.  Tones the room down a bit too.
Got to have a little sparkle :)
Our master bedroom maybe small, but we love it.  Sweet dreams!This post was linked up to these fabulous blogs!

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One Response to How we made our SMALL Master Bedroom work!

  • Don’t worry, you did a very good job designing your bedroom. I can really see the changes between the before and after photos. It’s extra challenging to renovate a small room with all those elegant furniture pieces. But it works like magic. This is an inspiration.

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