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Lily of the Valley Green Ball Jar Centerpiece

We had a huge pine tree in the back of our house when I was a little girl, and I remember being fascinated by the little white bells that seemed to be floating amongst the shaded pointy green grass under it. Lily of the Valley quickly became my favorite flower, and has always reminded me… Read More

5 Minute DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

This might be a silly question, but are you a “rectangle” tissue box person or a “cube” tissue box person?  Personally, I have been a cube-er for many, many years 😎 .  I guess the main reason being that I had no choice since I had plastic cube-shaped tissue box covers for each of our… Read More

Ruby Red Nail Polish Painted Jar

My older sister Carolyn painted her nails constantly.  If she wasn’t on the phone with her boyfriend, or baking him brownies, she was on her bed painting those very long nails.  She is 7 years older than me, so you can imagine how I would admire her and her “painting skills”.  Occasionally, she would paint… Read More

Mason Jar Mania

It’s all about the Mason Jar today, yippee!  I love my jars and I love learning new ways to use them, don’t you?  You may remember a few of these ideas from the jar archives, but I’m thinking you probably missed a few because I have several.  Welcome to Mason Jar Mania! What’s also… Read More

Vintage Mason Jar Lamp

Big news! Eight of us have formed a new style team called the “Thrifty Style Team”…be sure to check out all of our thrifty styling at the bottom of this post. I have a sweet memory of lying on my Mom & Dad’s bed as a young girl watching my Mom “get ready” in front… Read More

Brilliant Glass Jar Ideas

I call them Ball Jars.  My friends call them Mason Jars.  What do you call them? The word BRILLIANT definitely comes to mind. Glass jars are one of the most versatile household items ever created.  They have also been around forever and are still very affordable. *** Some of the links in this post may contain… Read More

Mason Jar Gift Ideas

I was a sneaky little girl. When I was about 10 years old, I peaked into the big cardboard box my Mom and Dad had in their bedroom.  It was about a month before Christmas, so I knew it was full of Christmas presents.  Hopefully my Mom won’t read this, but I may have even… Read More

Simple Spice Jars

Time to get SPICY! Last week, I introduced you to our “DIY Brick Backsplash“. Did you happen to notice my new “Simple Spice Jars” on the removable shelf we added? You didn’t think I could let the brick backsplash go undecorated did you?  No way. I wanted to spice it up, so I thought of… Read More

Ball Jar Parmesan Cheese Shaker

I’ve seen it a million times, and finally tried it today.  This “Ball Parmesan Cheese Shaker” idea is all over Pinterest. This is MY version. It’s very simple.  Just fill a Ball Jar with parmesan cheese, and switch the lids off of one of the store bought parmesan cheese shakers.  No more crappy plastic holding… Read More

DIY Jar Chandelier

(***supplies are highlighted blue for your convenience) I admit it! I love hardware stores. I’m not talking about Home Depot, although I don’t mind Home Depot, either. I’m talking about your smaller versions. Like Hank’s Hardware, or Tom’s Tools. (yes I made those up) Even as a little girl…all the hammers, nails, paint, wood, weird… Read More

Ball Jar Hand Soap Dispenser

I was going to take a break today since I posted twice this week, but I can’t resist. First I have a fun announcement. I will now be joining 3 talented blogs every Sunday @ 2pm EST for a link party. It will be right here on! For those of you that don’t blog,… Read More

5 of Redhead’s Latest Shopping Finds for the Home

Yippee! Only 8 more weeks until we can get into our new house 😊! We are so excited, but at the same time we have lots to take care of at the temporary apartment. If you follow along here at, you know that I couldn’t help but decorate our 2 bedroom apartment even though… Read More

How to Create a Thrift Store Basket Wall Corner

Maybe you’ve seen folks decorate the big wall over their sofa with woven baskets? If you haven’t, it sure is a really cute, affordable idea that can be worked into any decor style. But! Have you ever seen a corner decorated with baskets? If the answer is, “No!” You hit the basket jackpot 😊. I’m… Read More

How to Make Stuffed Zucchini

Stuffed zucchini is one of my favorite go-to dishes to help my husband and I stay on a healthy track, or even get back on track after the holidays. This savory satisfying recipe is extremely versatile in that you can use ground beef, ground turkey, or even ground chicken. The combination of your favorite protein… Read More

How to Make a Fake Orchid Look Real

Have you ever come across a pretty potted orchid in a department store? An orchid so drop dead gorgeous, that you don’t want it because it’s too perfect 😆? It happened to me a couple weeks ago at the store, and I left it there because it just screamed “I’M FAKE”. After I thought about… Read More

Turn Boring Christmas Wreath into Beautiful Valentine’s Day Wreath

While visiting the dollar store recently, I noticed a very sparkly, red cursive “Love” sign, and knew immediately that I had to have it. You see, I had this very old, boring, Christmas wreath that I have used for many, many years on our apartment door. I kept thinking the lady across the hall was… Read More

My New Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for Organizing a Small Kitchen

I have very exciting news! The lovely new apartment community we live in has invited me (eek!) to contribute to their monthly newsletter. So now, our fellow neighbors can benefit from signing up to utilizing all the helpful creative ideas I try here in our very own apartment just like theirs. This has inspired… Read More

How to Make Cherry Cheesecake Cocktails

There’s no better way to celebrate the New Year, Christmas, or any special occasion more than with homemade cheesecake! It’s sweet, creamy, and everyone shares a universal love for cheesecake. These easy no-bake individual serving Cherry Cheesecake Cocktails are a fun alternative to traditional style cheesecake. Serve these gorgeous chilled cherry treats to your guests… Read More

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas that are Almost Free

Money is tight for everyone, so I thought it would be helpful to share “10 Christmas Decorating Ideas that are Almost Free”! I’ve done many affordable holiday projects since 2012, so I’ve literally lost track. Luckily…I have my friends from the Thrifty Style Team to hold me accountable, which encouraged me to go back and… Read More

How to Decorate a Cozy Fall Corner

I’m discovering in our new apartment “experiment” that it really doesn’t take much space to create a beautiful, warm nook for myself to unwind and relax. We owe it to ourselves to have that space in our home that is waiting for us when we are in need of some self “therapy”. I found such… Read More

How to Create a Thrift Store Milk Glass Flower Tower

If you’re searching for a unique, affordable spring centerpiece for a family gathering, or a special occasion, you are going to flip when I tell you how simple it is to “Create a Thrift Store Milk Glass Flower Tower”. When you’re family sees the tiers of flower power you’ll be the talk of the crowd,… Read More

Take a Beautiful Spring Tulip Tour

Are you ready to “Take a Beautiful Spring Tulip Tour” with me? Tulips make me happy, and I know we all need a big dose of happy right now. As hard as it is to be happy in such a sad time in history, it’s important to give yourself that space to help heal all… Read More

3 Simple No-Sew Home Decorating Ideas Using Fabric

I have to admit that I got a little carried away for this month’s “Thrifty Style Team”, but with good reason. I ended up creating 3 Simple No-Sew Home Decorating Ideas using one piece of fabric. My husband was gone for the day, and I seriously had a blast 😆. I hope you dig the… Read More

How to Create a Rose Petal Heart Ceiling Tile

Beautiful home decor doesn’t have to cost a million dollars to impress me. In fact, I like to brag about how little I paid for things instead of how much it was. Money does not impress me guys, and I bet if you follow our “Thrifty Style Team” each month you probably feel the same…. Read More

3 Thrifty Fall Planter Cover Ideas

  You better get a big ole warm pumpkin spiced latte because it’s time for the Thrifty Style Team again, and I have over 14 ideas that will help you decorate for fall without spending a ton of cash 😉.  The first 3 ideas come from our front porch here in Michigan, where the temperature… Read More

How to Transform your Kitchen into a Cozy Relaxing Lounge

The latest home improvements and design changes in our kitchen are extraordinarily different from what you are use to seeing in most homes. If you follow me here at you know that I like to shake things up a bit, and not follow the rules when it comes to home decorating. I follow my… Read More

Grow Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Water

Did you know that you can “Grown Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Water”!? I was shocked 😲 when a friend told me it really works. I couldn’t wait to experiment in my own kitchen to see if I could save some cash, and of course have green onions on hand whenever I needed them…. Read More

Clever Bathroom Tissue Dispenser Ideas

Tissues deserve the spotlight for a change. After all, they’ve been there for us through sickness, sadness, and even a boo-boo. It’s not fair that they have to sit on that cold bathroom counter, in that ugly cardboard box getting all dusty. Instead, let’s showcase our magnificent, versatile, little disposable hankies and give them a… Read More

Simple Minty Green Scrunched Tissue Paper Tree

I want you to know that if your Christmas tree is still up in March it’s okay. Please don’t feel guilty, or embarrassed, it really is okay. If you don’t believe me, maybe our “Simple Minty Green Scrunched Tissue Paper Tree” will help convince you ☘️ . If not, well then just enjoy our little… Read More

20 Ways to Add Charm to Your Home using Wood

1.DIY Farmhouse Criss Cross Gate 2.DIY Stained Pre-Made Cedar Shutters 3.Budget Friendly Mahogany Wood Front Porch Makeover 4. DIY Wood Window Flower Box 5. DIY Sidelight Wood Sliding Shutters 6. DIY Nice & Thick Stained Wood Shelves 7. Easy & Affordable Rustic Wood Accent Moldings 8. DIY Stained Butcher Block Counter (we also did the… Read More

Great Grandma’s Heart Cut Out Cookies from Scratch

Great Grandma’s Heart Cut Out Cookies from Scratch are made with common pantry staples that will help make this cookie recipe a family favorite for all holidays/special occasions including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and even for no reason at all. I grew up calling all of our frosted cut out cookies “Great Grandma’s Cut Outs” because… Read More

Birch Tree Bark Love Letter

Oh, no! I thought trash from our garbage cans had blown all over our little forest out front where our 2 very tall Paper Birch Trees reside. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that it wasn’t trash at all. Beautiful large Birch Tree bark curly q’s had shed off the trees 😲! I picked one… Read More

Pandemic Fall Care Package Giveaway

If it seems like I’ve been having a few more “free giveaways” than usual, you are on to me. This “Pandemic Fall Care Package Giveaway” is one creative way for me to feel like I am helping others during such a difficult time. I realize families are struggling with not only difficult decisions, but they… Read More

Million Dollar Fresh Peony Centerpiece for $35.00

I’ve seriously been waiting months to share the “Million Dollar Fresh Peony Centerpiece for $35.00”. February, March, April, and even May, all went by, and there it sat on our kitchen counter completely lifeless, and empty. I didn’t know if my Peony idea would work, but I had my Peonies crossed. Well, I think it’s… Read More

Michigan Cherry Tart Recipe

My homemade Michigan Cherry Tart Recipe is the easiest, most delicious cherry tart recipe you will ever find. It’s so quick and easy to make, all you need are 4 common staples from your pantry, a jar of this famous cherry spread (see source below), and a fork to gobble it up 🍒 . Did… Read More

10 Alternatives to Toilet Paper

As I slowly watch our toilet paper stash dwindle (and even offer a couple rolls to neighbors), I am busy using my creative juices to think up clever ways to, you guessed it, wipe. It’s scary, it’s sad, and it’s quite embarrassing, but I think the Coronavirus (and all of the toilet paper hoarding) has… Read More

Repurposed Thrift Store Shot Glasses: Pasta Shots

Shots for everyone, I’m buyin’ 😳! Okay, all kidding aside, I don’t do shots. At least not the kind they’re serving up at the local tavern tonight. I did my share back in college, but now my “shots” are way cooler, and cheaper. Pull up a stool, and I’ll tell you a story about how… Read More

Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway

The holidays are over, the winter blues have settled in, and our darn Christmas tree is still up 😂…sounds like it’s time to have some fun! Well yes, I could be taking the tree down, but why do that, when instead I can give my fabulous readers an amazing giveaway with 13 items to start… Read More

Dollar Store Olive Appetizer Wreath

This very thrifty affordable appetizer idea literally cost $7, and I’m calling it my “Dollar Store Olive Appetizer Wreath”. Welcome to this month’s Thrifty Style Team post, where I love to share affordable decorating ideas along with my very talented thrifty blogger friends. This month, it’s all about the holidays since we are so close… Read More

Holiday Housewalk Christmas Home Tour 2019

Welcome to my very first “Holiday Housewalk”! If you’ve never experienced an online Christmas parade of homes before, you are in for quite a treat. Jennifer Rizzo created this virtual Holiday Housewalk 10 years ago, and it has grown to be quite popular in the DIY home decorating community. To say I am honored to… Read More

Peppermint Frosted Candle

I am a busy little redheaded elf over here decorating up a {winter} storm for a very large Christmas tour I am included in this year {yippee}, and this darling “Peppermint Frosted Candle” made from dollar store supplies fits in beautifully! In fact, it looks like it rolled into town by way of a snowy… Read More

Weight Loss Tips at 50 Years Old

I haven’t been completely upfront with you guys 🧐. A lot is going on around here right now that I don’t talk about publicly because it’s just too personal, too difficult, and I really try to keep my personal life separate to a certain degree. Especially the hard parts. After I tell you what’s been… Read More

Thrifty Spring Foyer

The redheaded minimalist has arrived 😯 .  I’m not sure where she came from, how she got here, or if she’ll stick around, but for today, she is in the house.  Our foyer is ready for Easter/spring and all it took was 1 ceramic bunny.  Yep.  One.  Ceramic.  Bunny.  Here’s the hopper, I mean kicker…I… Read More

Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup Hack

I hope you enjoy our daughter’s very popular “Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup Hack” recipe which is full of creamy, savory flavor just like the real deal.  Everyone in your family will love and even crave this version of one of Olive Garden’s most popular soups. Our oldest child is a very picky eater…. Read More

30 Minute Cheesy Tortellini Bake

  I married an Italian man, so do you know what that means?  I make pasta.  Rico, I mean Richard, LOVES his pasta.  He’s taught me quite a few tips over the years regarding pasta, and as we’ve gotten older, the Italian tables have turned.  Now I teach him how to “make a the pasta”… Read More

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who is 40 or Over

I never really thought about our DIY decorating blog this way before, but I recently realized there are some really thoughtful Christmas gift ideas here 😯 .  Inexpensive, thoughtful gifts, at that.  Don’t worry if you don’t DIY, I have that covered, too.  Below you will find “10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who… Read More

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Candles

I know it’s early for Christmas candles, but we only have 2 months left 😯 …lets get this Christmas party started.  We don’t have to actually decorate yet, we can just think about it…and maybe go to the dollar store for supplies.  No stress, I promise.  Welcome to this month’s Dollar Store Decor Series where… Read More

White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord

Do you suffer from ECP also known as —>Exposed Cord Phobia 😯 . Have you noticed that top designers, home decorating stores, DIY bloggers, and home decor magazines are now exposing their cords?! I know that sounds like it’s against the law, doesn’t it? Well, now I’m exposing my cords, too. Maybe not all of… Read More

The Lowe’s UpSkill Project Do Days

When I was invited to partner with Lowe’s for The UpSkill Project I knew it would be an incredible opportunity for  However, I had no idea that my husband and I would connect with such an amazing family on this journey.  You might say it was destiny.  Welcome to our documentation of The Lowe’s… Read More

12 Dollar Store Ideas for Every Season

    It’s time for the Thrifty Style Team to bring you their very best thrifty decor, and today I am focusing on the dollar store.  I have 12 Dollar Store Ideas for Every Season, plus my gals from the Thrifty Style Team will share their ideas at the very end.  Before we get to… Read More