Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall


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This lady has the best ideas using thrift store items and lots of dollar store items, too.  Lots of elegant & charming decor.

I have been looking forward to this “Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall” post for weeks.

It’s finally here, but unfortunately I feel like crap I’m fighting a bad cold or flu, or something.

Lets just say I’ve been in my flannel PJ’s all week, and my bedside table is one big tissue bouquet.

Luckily, Advil helps and I can still write with out spreading this to you.

So here we go…what do you think?

 Tell me the truth now…

Silver Platter Wall
Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall by Redhead Can Decorate

 To be totally honest.  I’m infatuated with it.

Silver is one of, if not, my most favorite element to decorate with.

The “Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall” is right outside our bedroom, so I walk by it probably 20 times a day.

It never seems to get old.  In fact, I think it’s getting prettier.

Check out this view from our kitchen…

Beautiful Silver Platter Wall by

Silver Platter Wall Idea

Hold it.

If you look closely, you may notice some surprises in the mix.

Can you find them?

There’s one that will make you laugh.

While your searching…I’ll explain how I managed to get this done.

The first thing you need to do, is figure out what wall you are going to use.

Then have an idea of how many silver platters will fit.

No need to measure, just estimate.

Then head to your favorite thrift store, and load up on silver trays, bowls, candy dishes, etc.

silver platters


You’ll be surprised at what you will find for great prices.

Be sure not to over look unique colored “patina” or odd shaped pieces.  Those will add character.

Some of the trays are actual silver and some are “plastic” silver.

They ranged from $1.99 – $7.99.

Last year, I came across this silver serving tray for $1.75.

It makes a beautiful jewelry display on our dresser.

Jewelry Silver Tray

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 So, now to get the silver on the wall…

I will warn you ahead of time.

I didn’t measure the distance between each platter or use a guide

I don’t have the patience for that.

How to make a silver platter wall.


I did however, measure the length and width of the area I plan to cover.

Then, I measured that area out on the floor.

Then, I placed everything on the floor and move it around about 500 times until I was happy.

I wouldn’t spend too much time doing this because it ends up different on the wall anyway.

If anything, please learn this from this post…





How I made my silver platter wall...

I used these strips to hang all of the silver platters.  They work perfectly every time.

I started in the middle, and work my way out watching the distance between each piece.

I went very slowly and only added a few every couple days.

If you follow me on Instagram, you got a “Behind the scene” look before anyone else.

I ended up going back to the thrift store to get “fillers”.

I even found a few “fillers” around the house like the hand mirror and the vintage spoons.



Did you spot the funny one yet?

Try looking in the upper right corner.

Pretty Silver Platter Wall

 Why yes…it’s a Ball jar lid.

Silver Platters w: Ball Jar LId as a filler

Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall by Redhead Can Decorate

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40 Responses

  1. debbiedoos says:

    Girl that turned out AWESOME! How beautiful.

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Debbie dooooo!!!

      • Carol MacDonald says:

        Julie, what did you use on the back of the trays for hangers? I know you used command hooks on the wall but what is hanging on them? I absolutely love this wall! I have a bunch of silver sitting in a closet as well and this gives me such great ideas for it!

        • Julie Fiato says:

          I used picture hanging command strips that stick together. Not hooks. You stick one to the back of the plate, and one to the wall. When pushed together they adhere.

  2. DJ says:

    I like the wall but I love the piece on your dresser. Gave me some great ideas! I have all of my mothers and grandmothers silver just sitting in a closet.

  3. Looks beautiful, Julie. Great job!

  4. Ren says:

    What fun! I love how you let the display gradually take shape, until it was as you wanted it. Our eyes are the best measuring tool but too many people just don’t trust them! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  5. Kimberly says:

    This looks so good! Awesome idea. Pinned. We had so much fun partying with you at our last party. We hope to see you tonight’s party at 7 pm. We love to see what you have been working on!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  6. Julie says:

    I love this look too! I have platters on my living room wall above the fireplace. I need more and your fillers have inspired me. I’ve used all kinds brass, copper, etc.. so it does look a bit different.

  7. Sheila Miller says:

    Being southern-born and bred, this girl know the joy of silver! What a glorious sight this is with all these interesting platters, trays, serving pieces on the wall behind the serving piece of furniture! The fact that there are SO many is great!!! How creative and unique!

  8. Pamela Schafer says:

    I love it! I want to do this in my kitchen/dining room combo. Further, I MUST know where to buy that rug!!! I have looked everywhere for weeks now, and I truly wouldn’t bother with this request, but it actually keeps me up at night! ;). If you wouldn’t mind a hint in the right direction, I would be truly grateful.

    BYW…I am soooooo glad I stumbled upon your site. I visit often and love the things you do.


  9. angela bradley says:

    I did this in my dining room years ago. it still looks great. I even used a crispani platter I stole from Panera bread.
    I like the idea of using other things such as the mirror and flatware.

    • Julie says:

      uh oh…I admit, I’ve “borrowed” a few things from favorite places, too. When ever we go on vacation, I find one thing from a restaurant or hotel and take it for a keep sake. Like a spoon, or whatever. I’m dying to see that crispani platter, lol.

  10. Cassie says:

    Not sure if I missed this info but how do you attach to the wall?

  11. Jackie says:

    Love this! It is one of my favorite posts. How did you hang them?

  12. Do you have a finish on the silver on the wall? I would like to do a silver wall but I do not want to continue polishing the silver. These are items I do not intend to use for serving. Do you know of any sealer that could be sprayed on the silver to keep it shiny?

    Thank you for your great ideas.

  13. Julie, when the silver pieces on the wall start tarnishing, do you take it down and clean it to keep the shine or do you like the tarnished look and leave the tarnished pieces on the wall. I would like to keep it shiny and do not want to keep taking it down and cleaning it. I am asking if you know of a product to spray on the silver before hanging on the wall to keep the silver from tarnishing. (I do not intend to use any of the silver on the wall for serving food.) Thanks.

    • Julie Fiato says:

      I don’t know of any spray, sorry. I love the tarnished look. Makes them look more authentic. However, Pinterest probably has home remedies to check out. Good luck, Marylou!

  14. Sharon Smith says:

    Julie, girl….you kicked some brass ass with that wall! I love it. All except for the fact I would want to use those trays for serving, as much as I cook! Looks great as everything you do. Be well and I can’t wait for the next peek! Hugs to ya!

  15. Junassicpar says:

    I love that wall!! How did you hang the silverware?

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  17. […] .  That’s the only reason I have for why I felt the need to take down the original “Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall“.  I just simply grew tired of looking at the same design day after day, night after night. […]

  18. […] you may know, about 3 years ago I created this very pretty “Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall” out of, you guessed it, thrift store silver platters.  It grew to be one of my most popular […]

  19. Autumn says:

    OMG Love this idea I’v been collecting silver platter I want to do a feature wall like this but wasn’t sure how to get them hung on the walls. I’ll have to give the comand strips a try. Thanks for the tips


  21. Marialuisa says:

    Now this is really a serious decoration…I loved it…Thanks for sharing.

  22. Love the look but hate the cleaning of silver. Do you know of any product that can applied to give a permanent finish since these pieces are just for decoration?

  23. […] Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall […]


    This is very cool. I was actually thinking about doing this and did a pinterest search to see how people hung on the wall (assuming it wasn’t my original idea). My one question, how have the command strips held up? I find at about a year, they seem to start “falling” with other projects I’ve used them on. How has your experience been?

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