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I'm Julie, a feisty, but rather shy redhead from New York, who moved to the Midwest to follow my dreams (and the love of my life). I'm passionate about decorating our home with my own unique style which is a mix of vintage, eclectic, modern, & classic. I don't follow the crowd, but trust my gut instead. I hope to inspire you to try some of my ideas. I also love to cook and share my easy recipes. My family begs me to make my homemade meatballs and pizza. I hope you will try them and hang out with me for a while. Click here to contact me.
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Cranberry Pecan Pie

I have pie on the brain.

I’m not talking algebra either.

We make 4 pies for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin, Dutch apple (click for recipe), chocolate pudding, and my favorite, “Cranberry Pecan Pie“.

For those of you that love pecan pie, you know how sweet and rich it is.

You definitely need a tall glass of milk after you have a piece.

Adding 1 cup of fresh cranberries adds zip to the zap.

Tart to the tang.

Pow to the pop.

Heck, it even adds sassy to the brassy.

You get the idea.

They added depth will leave you in a state of euphoria.

Pecan Pie Recipe

I’m sharing my Cranberry Pecan Pie recipe over at “I should Be Mopping the Floor” today for my monthly contribution.

If you would like to view the full recipe, just click “here“, or click on the pie below.

Click “here” for the no roll/no mess/ pie crust recipe.

Pecan Pie Recipe

Pecan Pie Recipe

Food Contributor ISBMTF

Thanksgiving is around the corner.

I say give this a try this weekend just to see if I’m right.

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