Mini-Tree Stump Christmas Place Card Holders


You didn’t think I WOOD let the holidays go by with out a tree stump in the mix, did you?

Well, WOOD you?

Presenting my “Mini-Tree Stump Christmas Place Card Holders”…
Min Tree Stump Place Card Holders by


This idea came to me in my sleep.  I didn’t dream it, but I thought of it while falling asleep.  I have no idea how I remembered in the morning, but I’m glad I did because they turned out so darn cute.   They are rustic, elegant, and charming all in one.Rustic Place Card Holders


When I was little, I loved setting the Christmas table.  We didn’t have a lot of fancy decor, but I remember using the paper napkins as a “place card” and I would write everyone’s name on their napkin.  You can imagine the redhead’s wheels turning even then.  These are definitely a step up, but almost as easy.



Easy Ornament Place Card Settings

This is how you make  do it:

First, I asked my hubby to cut a few “mini stumps” from a tree branch out in our yard.  He brought one in to check to see if I liked it, and it was perfect.  He’s really getting good at this stuff.  I love the bark on these.

Next, I went down in our basement and located the ornaments.  It took me a while to find these, but they were perfect size for the mini-tree stumps.

Then, I removed the hooks and wrapped strong black wire around the top.  I held the wire down on the ornament top and wrapped it around the opening as tight as I could get it.  Then, I took it off after a few loops, and I wrapped the other end around a pen.  After a little practice, I manipulated it so the pen part could hold a card.  I stuck the other end back on the ornament.  No glue required.

Each one is a little different, and that’s cool.


The last part was gluing them onto the stump.  I used Tacky glue which is one of my favorite glues.  Glue guns suck don’t work if you ask me.
Ornament Place Cards


They also make cute little Christmas photo holders.

Both would make great gifts.
Easy Christmas Place Cards or Photo Holder

Min Tree Stump Place Card Holders by

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29 Responses

  1. Cara says:

    Oh for the love, Julie….so, so cute!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Very cute! I think I need to make a few for the holidays.

  3. April says:

    These are so darn cute! Love the idea!

  4. Deidre says:

    OOOOOOH I LOVE these! so clever!Wow such a fabulous idea THANKS!

  5. These are SO cute! I pinned it and included a link back to this post.

  6. Monica says:

    LOVE these!!!! These would also look great on a buffet table telling what each food item is!!!!! Gonna have to steal this idea for sure!!!!! Keep those ideas coming Red!!!!

  7. Valerie M says:

    Very cute and clever! Did you use plastic or glass ornaments?

    • Julie says:

      I used glass…they were all found @ Good Will. Except the snow flake, I bought that, and had the icicles. Thanks, Valerie!

  8. So cute & whimsical! I love the squiggly wire. I’m always surprised when I remember good ideas in the morning too 😉

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  11. dee purificato says:

    i love these, great idea…was thinking maybe a clear ball and fill with a photo or something that is a favorite of the person named…just finished making ornaments from slabs of wood so these would look great on table too…

  12. I love these! Will definitely use them for a holiday dinner! Darling!!

  13. grace says:

    Love these…gonna make them as picture holder for gifts. Was wondering what type and guage wire you used.

  14. I LOVE these fabulous little Ornament Place Card Holders! They are so cute and such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing! PINNED!

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  19. Robyn says:

    amazing, so adorable! I’m going to try to post to my facebook page.

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  21. LInda says:

    GREAT beautiful stormy Saturday project.
    –Grocery store
    –assemble BEST Lasagne recipe (thank you Julie)
    –make (Olive Garden) salad dressing
    –do dishes-I might get help once the Lasagne smell wafts thru the hse
    –prep ornaments for name tags while the smells of Lasagne tease you
    NOTE: Saturday ‘maybe’ Sunday get help to cut lil’ rounds
    EXCITED !! Thank You !! 🎅🏼hugs. -Linda

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