Did you know you can frame your big plain bathroom mirror? (before/after pictures)

Since I am documenting the master bathroom makeover, I thought I should fill you in on our mirror!  When we did this a couple years ago-we were shocked at the difference a frame can make around your bathroom mirror.  It changes the entire room.  This is one of the easiest transformations we have done.  I suppose you could buy wood, stain it, cut it, glue it on. . .but that was too much work for me.  I decided to order a pre-cut, pre-stained, prepped for my mirror frame.  Check out the before and after pics 🙂
As you can see, I am slowly getting to where I want to be-can’t wait for the new counters and to get rid of the wall color.  You can see the huge difference framing the mirror makes.  Quite remarkable!  We ordered ours on-line from  We chose the “Tribeca”.  It’s quite a simple process if you are interested.  We had to measure the mirror and pick out what frame we wanted.  They come in all different colors/patterns.  Then it is mailed to you, and you put it together on the floor by putting the corners together with pegs & glue (the kids thought we were nuts).  Then you will need a friend to help you apply it to the mirror (they give very easy instructions).  The frame comes with self adhesive strips on the back.  Prices range from $160 up. 
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